What Is A Postbiotic Body Lotion? mbg’s New Formula, Explained

We believe in using only the highest-quality ingredients. If you’ve shopped our supplements, you likely know this to be true: Every bioactive and phytonutrient that goes into those formulas is curated with intention and exactness. We don’t mess around with our efficacy or responsibility. So when we started looking into topical formulations, we knew we had a high bar. 

While there is no regulated definition of “clean,” we believe it has become a useful term for consumers to identify formulas that align with their wants. Every brand, retailer, and organization has its own set of standards of their version of clean—and we have always encouraged people to look for brands that match up with their own standards. 

We excluded many of the common ingredients buzzed about currently, including parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers, silicones, BHA, BHT, and over 1,000 other ingredients regulated by the European Union. We also use an eco-cert-verified natural preservative system that has been tested to keep it free from microbial contamination—as pathogenic bacteria are just as harmful as any “toxic” ingredient.

But in the formulation process, we actually didn’t start by outlining what we didn’t want. To us, creating a clean product with integrity was the baseline. So instead, we started by outlining the ingredients we did want. We wanted natural botanicals, naturally derived actives, and responsible synthetics. We wanted ingredients that were shown to be well tolerated by most people. We wanted high-tech, innovative actives that would nurture the skin microbiome and barrier. We wanted nutrient-dense botanicals that gave your skin antioxidants, lipids, and fatty acids. And once we outlined all of this, we were able to craft formulas with intention. See, we have always found that when you approach an endeavor from a place of abundance—not restriction—you’re better able to thrive. 

In addition to that, we want to make sure that we are selecting as eco-friendly packaging that was available to us. We’re going to be honest with you: Making this collection as sustainable as possible was not easy. Many times throughout the process we were faced with hard choices in terms of packaging, supply chain, shipping (i.e., contributing to the carbon footprint), and more. But each time, we never took the easy way out—we always went with the most sustainable option available even if it cost us time and resources. 

This is housed in a sugar-cane bioplastic, a plant-based polyethylene. The sugar cane is sustainably harvested and even helps remove three times its weight of CO2 from the air in the process. The polyethylene is FDA approved, BPA free, and 100% recyclable. And it is shipped to you in boxes that are made from 100% recycled paper and are fully curbside recyclable as well. We also manufacture our formula in a plant powered by 100% wind energy. As we move forward, we will make changes when new green technology becomes available to us.