Who Is Augustinus Bader? – The New York Times

She also gave it to Cassandra Grey, a beauty entrepreneur, who introduced the products at Violet Grey, an influential beauty e-commerce site and store. (Ms. Grey had already gotten a sample from Elizabeth Sulcer, a stylist in Los Angeles.) Ms. Griffith invested in Augustinus Bader, and she continues to fly the flag fervently.

Soon Professor Bader found himself dining with Ms. Cox and Demi Moore, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian and Brad Pitt. Instrumental to some introductions, Mr. Rosier said, was Sat Hari Khalsa, a jewelry designer and Mr. Pitt’s partner in his new cashmere venture, God’s True Cashmere.

“Augustinus had never heard the words ‘Kim Kardashian,’” Mr. Rosier said.

“I had heard of Pitt,” Professor Bader deadpanned.

When Augustinus Bader was released, its party line was that it would sell only three products, the Cream, the Rich Cream and the Body Cream. They were all you needed to achieve amazing skin.

Cut to 2022 and the Bader collection includes the Serum, the Eye Cream, the Light Cream, the Essence, the Face Oil, the Ultimate Soothing Cream, the Cream Cleansing Gel, the Cleansing Balm, the newly released Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum. There are also hair care products — shampoo, conditioner, scalp serum, hair oil — and skin and hair supplements. And, the Lip Balm. The newest product is the Mask, released on Nov. 17.

“It’s not scalable as a business to have just two products if you have big ambitions,” Mr. Rosier said, noting that the Rich Cream makes up 50 percent of the company’s sales. “For example, in Korea, when we only had two or three products, they were not interested in carrying us because you are not relevant if you don’t occupy space. You don’t exist.”