Wilson woman celebrates century mark at the beauty shop

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Ruth Evans will turn 100 years young on Friday, Nov. 5.

So, in preparation for her big day, she made an appointment to get her hair done.

That’s when Debra Barber of The Carousel Beauty Salon, 1406 Franklin Street, decided a party among the shampoo bowls and the hairdryers would be the perfect way to surprise her!

Ruth’s daughter drives her from Wilson over to Jonesboro once a week for her regular hair appointment. Over the years, Mrs. Evans has made many a friend in the salon and shopping around town. They all crowded into the salon with cards and packages in anticipation of her arrival.

Mrs. Evans’ ties to Region 8 run deep.

She and her husband helped to start a radio station, KOSE, 860 AM in Osceola in the 1940′s.

While there, she played the organ for her church for 30 years. Then, she headed to Sun City, Ariz., where she started tap dancing and even performed tap with a group on stage in Las Vegas.

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Mrs. Evans, Happy Birthday to you!” The group in the hair salon broke into song when Mrs. Evans appeared in the doorway. She embraced the moment with a big smile and went around the room hugging everyone.

“I have had the best life,” she said as she gestured wide with her hands.

Mrs. Evans spoke of performers coming through Osceola to talk on the radio station.

A young Elvis Presley even appeared there.

Live performances were the norm, as sometimes he didn’t always have a record handy.

Mrs. Evans even talked about watching KAIT. She said she loved watching all of us every night.

Well, tonight, Mrs. Evans, you have made the news and we just might need your autograph!

Happiest Birthday wishes from your Region 8 news team.

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