Woman Shares Marriage Advice From the 1800s, Including What to Do on Your Wedding Night

A woman has been sharing hilarious sex tips from the 1800s, including what not to do on your wedding night.

Mina Moriarty, who describes herself as an 18th-century historian, has been posting words of wisdom to her TikTok page, @historyho101, as she delves into a book believed to be from that era.

Moriarty, from Scotland, uploaded a clip on Monday, as she revealed what new brides would have been mindful of in the Victorian era.

She said: “Here’s some sexy, but practical, advice for your wedding night from the 1860s.

“The proper time for sexual indulgence is an important consideration, inasmuch as carelessness in this respect may lead to dyspepsia, indigestion, and other affections of the stomach.

“Persons who are predisposed to such disease should never have intercourse just before eating nor very soon after a full meal.”

More than 50,000 people watched the clip, with the official account for Sky History UK joking: “Okay swimming rules, got it.”

But it was Moriarty’s clip from September that attracted nearly 1.5 million views, which can be seen here, as this time she shared some updated advice—from 1894.

She said: “Here’s some sexy (and hilarious) marriage advice from 1894.

“Many men obtain a major portion of their satisfaction from peaceful exhaustion immediately after the act is over. Therefore you must ensure there is no peace in this period for him to enjoy.”

While a video shared a few days later provided further tips for women who aren’t in the mood, from the same year.

“Here’s some more sexy, and ridiculous, marriage advice from 1894,” Moriarty says.

“If he attempts to kiss her hand, she should make a fist. If he lifts her gown and attempts to kiss her anyplace else she should quickly pull the gown back in place, spring from the bed, and announce that nature calls her to the toilet.”

But it’s not just the 1800s that has some sage advice for women, as a clip detailing bedroom antics from the 1920s also went down a storm, amassing more than a million views after being shared in September.

Moriarty stated: “A husband who wishes to keep and retain the regard, affection and gratitude of his wife will be moderate and circumspect in the first few weeks of married life.

“Unless of course, the wife herself is of a passionate nature and demands frequent satisfaction, in such cases the husband will comply with his wife’s wishes as far as he can without injuring his health.”

Commenting on her viral 1894 clip, Michael Smith noted: “I see that every single woman on planet earth has read this book.”

“I will take this advice,” Gurmeganpreet Hanjra wrote.

Bopitty Boop reckoned: “Excellent advice tbh.”

Honey101 raved: “Big facts women take notes.”

“Good advice,” Tracy Busters added.

Newsweek reached out to Moriarty for comment.

File photo of a Victorian couple.
File photo of a Victorian couple. A woman has been sharing marriage advice from the 1800s, including what to do on your wedding night.
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