Women’s most absurd beauty standards around the world

The world is evolving, and so are our perceptions but also so are our expectations. Every country, every city has its beauty standards which may seem ludicrous to others. These beauty standards project the backward mindset of our world as everyone has their individuality and uniqueness, and no one should be confined to a mere standard. Scroll down and have a look at these preposterous beauty standards from around the world.

1. UK

– Women in the UK are obsessed with tanning their bodies. It is ironic, as in India people look down upon tanned skin. UK citizens especially use tanning sprays or tanning beds to cosmetically darken their skin colour and 59% of women apply self-tanner at least 5 times a month.

2. USA
– Women in the USA are obsessed with having bigger assets. This trend became famous with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, and now there are thousands of cosmetic procedures and surgeries being done for the same.

3. Brazil

– Women in Brazil are obsessed with smaller breasts and round bottoms. BBL (Brazilian butt lift) surgeries have become exceptionally famous and are being practiced by people all around the world.

4. Jamaica

– Women in Jamaica are obsessed with the desire to achieve a “healthy body” look which is why a woman must be between 70-95 Kgs. In Jamaica, there are special pills designed to get wider hips and bigger bottoms, known as the ‘chicken pills’. These pills are fed to chickens by farmers to make them grow faster.

5. France

– Women in France are obsessed with looking exceptionally skinny. French women are considered the most underweight throughout western Europe. Anorexia has become normal in France because of the increasing frequency every day.

6. India

– Women in India, some at least still want their skin to look lighter. The orthodox mindset is still prevalent in some parts of the country and endorsed by old mindsets that still suggest their children to rub turmeric, Multani mitti, and other homemade hacks to lighten the skin.

7. Venezuela

– Women in Venezuela are obsessed with breast enlargement. It is a popular gift for 15th birthday celebrations. Most of the pageant winners are from Venezuela, and it is absolutely normal to give people; breast enlargement gift cards in Venezuela.

8. Iran

– Women in Iran are obsessed with nose jobs. Over 70,000 people have got nose surgeries as they are considered the ultimate status symbol in Iran.

It is ironic, overwhelming, and stupid that a beauty standard in one country is considered absurd in another. There is a place for everyone, you just need to ask yourself; do you want to feel accepted by society or by yourself?