Alexa Shopping List Savings is a new coupon feature for Amazon’s voice assistant

While you may buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, most people don’t do their weekly grocery shopping with the retail giant (unless Whole Foods is your local store). Amazon is therefore missing a big chunk of your shopping habits, and now, it’s offering an incentive for you to hand


Best Black Friday L’Occitane Deals (2021): Hair Care, Body Care & Makeup Savings Rated by Deal Tomato

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Here’s a list of the top L’Occitane deals for Black Friday 2021, including deals on body oils, body scrubs, lotions, creams, makeup removers and more. Shop the full range of deals listed below.

Best L’Occitane deals:


City Hall: More roundabouts, recycling savings and shopping center improvements | Local Government

“From a standpoint of community policy — it’s safer, quicker, more efficient and I saved you money. Those three are usually good things in the scheme of life,” Shafer said.

A few years ago, some motorists who frequented 14th and Superior streets weren’t buying it. The city is now doing