How r/MakeupAddiction Became a Safe Space for Trans Women to Explore Beauty

At 30 years old, Goldson, who lives and works as a writer in Austin, Texas, says that by her age “women are often expected to have a lot of experience with makeup.” She does not. “Posting a photo of myself without makeup when trans women are often disproportionately punished for


Women travel creators: Creating an inclusive space

With COVID restrictions lightning up around the country, people are booking long-awaited travel plans. Travel content creators have niched out roles as travel guides for those looking to get out of town to explore.

These five travel content creators use social media to document their travel experiences and offer their


Space NK Is Offering 25% off Skin-Care Faves

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Manifesto Aims to Make Wedding Industry a Safer Space to Work In

A bride holding a flower bouquet

The United Kingdom’s leading wedding website and app Hitched has joined forces with photographers Kim Williams and Caroline Goosey to release a Safer Weddings Manifesto to initiate a change in the wedding industry and protect suppliers from harassment and abuse.

Harassment is Rife in the Wedding Industry

When wedding photographers


Skin-care brands are expanding into the hair and scalp space, and bringing their signature ingredients with them

Hair care has been a concern for many during pandemic lockdowns.triocean/iStockPhoto / Getty Images

In the beauty market, hair and skin care are usually considered two separate worlds, but when the scalp gets involved, all bets are off. Within the past couple of years, many of the ingredients and


Space Buns Top Pinterest’s 2022 Hair Trends

If you’re more than over 2021, embrace the new year with a new hairdo — 2022’s hair trends scream the words “fresh start.”

Space buns and rebellious Joan Jett-inspired shag haircuts are the most wanted hairstyles for the year ahead. Pinterest’s 2022 “Pinterest Predicts” report shows that playful “puff” hairstyles


Lagos Space Programme is bringing genderless Nigerian fashion to the world

Written by Nadia Leigh-Hewitson, CNN

“There are very early examples of gender bending in African culture,” explains the designer behind the gender-fluid Nigerian clothing label Lagos Space Programme. “Queerness isn’t a western concept.”

From West Africa to Europe and beyond, non-binary fashion designer Adeju Thompson is showcasing genderless African fashion