17 Best Fragrance-Free Products 2022 That Deserve a Spot in the Beauty Regimens of Sensitive Skin Types | Skin Care, Hair Care

If you’ve ever noticed that scented products make your skin itch or become red, allow us to introduce you to the wonderful world of fragrance-free products. Yes, there are quite a few factors that could play into skin sensitivity — hormones, lack of sleep, and even air pollution can


The 18 Best New November 2021 Skin-Care Launches That Deserve a Spot in Your Routine

We’re well into fall, which means we’re well into all the changes that seasonal shifts can bring — and with them a new skin-care routine. If you’re familiar with seasonal skin issues like dryness and inflammation, then you know that a few tweaks to your regimen for the changing weather


Why Meadowfoam Seed Oil Deserves a Spot In Your Skin-Care Routine

What Meadowfoam Seed Oil Can Do for Your Skin

What Meadowfoam Seed Oil Can Do for Your Skin

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Oils in skin care are nothing new at this point, though the vast array of options out there is admittedly dizzying at times. And while each option boasts its own benefits, there’s one that’s a


Masseuse sees woman’s odd spot leading to melanoma diagnosis

During a massage, masseuse Dominika Lachowicz pointed out a spot on the back of Seonag MacKinnon’s leg. Lachowicz said she had no medical training, but the patch of skin might be a sign of something more. MacKinnon visited a doctor and soon learned that the massage therapist’s instinct was right