10 hairstyles we would see everywhere during Spring 2022

Choosing a hairstyle can be challenging, especially with ever-changing trends and so many styles to choose from. Spring is officially the season of new beginnings and is the perfect time to switch it up and experiment with a fresh hairdo.

Whether you like your hair up or down, prefer a middle or side parting, the trend experts at WeThrift have delved into Pinterest data and ranked the top ten trending hairstyles based on their search volume increase from the start of the year to now to inspire your next hairstyle.

Here’s how the top 10 hairstyle trends on Pinterest Ranked:

  • Sleek bun – 83% increase
  • French bob – 34% increase
  • Bleach blonde – 28% increase
  • White blonde – 25% increase
  • Cornrows – 25% increase
  • Curly bob – 22% increase
  • Messy bun – 21% increase
  • Shaggy hair – 21% increase
  • Choppy bob – 20% increase
  • 90’s blowout – 20% increase

Sleek bun – 83%

Unsurprisingly, the sleek bun is the highest trending hairstyle on Pinterest, and its popularity is set to continue through to Spring. It is polished and sophisticated and works well for you if you need low maintenance, practical style to complete daily tasks.

This hairstyle is the ultimate sleek look, your hair is not in your way, and if styled well, it remains intact all day.

Trend expert Nick Drewe at WeThrift says, “The sleek bun has taken social media by storm; not only is it the number one trending hairstyle on Pinterest, but #sleekbun has 59.3M views and counting on TikTok. With its growing popularity, we can see the sleek bun maintaining its spot at number one trending hairstyle for a long time, particularly through the Spring and Summer months.”

French bob – 34%

The French bob is the second trending hairstyle on Pinterest, with a 34% increase in search volume since the start of the year. A french bob is shorter than a regular shoulder-length bob; the inspiration behind this chic look comes from the 1920s and 1930s, an era that is home to sultry jazz music.