13 Best Fall Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week 2022

hair trends 2022 fashion week

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Despite how many times I’ve told myself that finally, this time, for real, I have found the hairstyle that I want to keep forever, three months (read: minutes) later, I inevitably get bored and want to switch it up completely. Cut to me spending hours scrolling through TikTok haircuts, screenshotting pics of money-piece highlights, and, yup, finding the best fall hair trends to try waaaay ahead of time. And as part of my obsessive research, I found the biggest trends that came straight from the New York Fashion Week runways, so you know they’re good. This year’s fashion shows brought sleek ponytail hairstyles, ’90s layers, and lived-in beach waves that you’ll be seeing everywhere this year—including right now, even when the temps are warm. So if you’re itching for a new style for fall (or, TBH, any dang time you like), keep scrolling for all the inspo and ideas to screenshot immediately.

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This Sleek Ponytail for Fall 2022

A sleek ponytail looks equally great on day-one hair as it does on day-three hair, making it super versatile, as evidenced by this extremely slick look on Bella Hadid during fashion week. After you straighten your hair with a hair straightener, comb it back into a ponytail with a fine-tooth comb (to smooth out any bumps), then smooth a small palmful of mousse over the top to slick down any flyaways.

This shadow-root hair trend at the Versace fashion show this year proves that you don’t need to make frequent appointments at your salon for touch-ups anymore. Just ask your colorist for a rooty color at the top so your hair can grow out evenly and gradually.


This Modern Mullet for Fall 2022

How fun and retro does this modern mullet look? To complete the cut, ask your stylist for super-blunt bangs to go with the gradual layers that give this shag haircut that ~edge~. And then get yourself a pair of Doc Martens while you’re at it.


Fall ’90s Layers for 2022

Listen, I’m not out here questioning Chanel, and that includes this very ’90s-style blowout, complete with curtain bangs. The key to this look? A long, tapered layered cut, that will give your style a lot of body and volume.


This Ponytail Twist for Fall

If you want a fun twist (literally) on the sleek ponytail style, add a twist like this look from NYFW. Tap in a hairspray or mousse to smooth down the top of your hair to get that slicked-back look, and flat-iron your side bangs straight for a clean, sharp finish.


This Headband Hair Trend for Fall

Just go ahead and plan a trip to Target right now to stock up on all the pretty, floral headbands you can get your hands on, because spoiler: They’re trending this fall. To give your hair a lived-in wavy look like Ashley Park wore for New York Fashion Week, add some beachy waves with a flatiron or curling iron, then spray with a texturizing spray before you put in the headband, to give it some body and grit.


Face Framing Pieces for Fall

The L’Agence fashion show showed us that the face-framing tendrils from the early ’00s are back and make for a really easy but ~chic~ hairstyle. Slick your hair back into a low ponytail or bun, leaving two face-framing pieces hanging in the front.


Extra-Long Ponytails in 2022

Take your ponytail to a new level by wearing some extra-long hair extensions before tying it back. The result? This v glamorous, long ponytail that is majorly Insta-worthy. Wrap one section of the ponytail around the base of the hair tie to conceal it and give it an extra classy vibe.


This Beach Waves Fall Trend


Low Ponytails for Fall

Fall 2022 hair trends are all about getting as much style as you can with little effort. Exhibit A: This low ponytail with a velvet bow from the PatBo fashion show. It’s the kind of hairstyle you could wear on a date or during your weekend errands.


Super-Straight Hair for Fall 2022

One of my favorite hair trends from fashion week is super-straight hair. Prime your hair with a hair-straightening cream first, then follow it with a flat iron to get it as straight as possible. But first and foremost, spray it with a heat protectant first to minimize heat damage.


This Sleek Bun Trend for Fall 2022

Are you sensing a theme yet with these fashion show trends? They’re all about slicked back, sleek hairstyles, like this tight low bun. The best part is that it’s so freaking easy to recreate. Just comb your hair back into a tight ponytail, then wrap the hair around the base a few times and secure it with a hair tie. Spray the bun with a strong-hold hairspray to keep any pieces from trying to escape.


Fall Accessorized Updos

If you have long hair, this twisted updo is ideal for you this fall. Follow Camila Coelho’s lead by twisting your hair up and securing with a really pretty pin (or claw clip), leaving one front piece hanging down to give it a casual vibe.

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