25 Years Later, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Is Still in Fashion

We saw shades of Buffy off of the catwalks, too. Tons of street style stars during fashion month looked like they could be students at Sunnydale High School (the setting for the show). Take Julia Fox, who has been wearing head-to-toe leather looks all month long—one of our favorite ensembles was at the Versace show, when she showed up in a strappy look with a PVC skirt and crop top. It just screams vampire slayer, though it’s admittedly racier than what Gellar wore on the show. In a leather Balenciaga racing jacket and pant-boots, Kim Kardashian also looked like Buffy, if the heroine had an unlimited allowance.

Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection

But it hasn’t all been about tough leathers. For as much as Buffy is a fighter, she’s also sweet and has a big heart. As such, she’s had more lighthearted, feminine fashion moments too. When she isn’t slaying vampires, she’s busy attending her high school dances or shopping at the mall like a regular teen. On the show, we saw her wear slinky slip dresses or sequined tanks. That early-aughts aesthetic couldn’t be more in fashion right now, thanks to labels like Blumarine, Versace, and Miu Miu revitalizing the look. While scrolling through Anna Sui’s fall 2022 collection, I could instantly imagine Buffy heading to class in Sui’s floral slip dress, complete with a cropped pink jacket with faux-fur trim. (Buffy’s a major coat girl.) Although it’s doubtful that all of these designers have Buffy pinned onto their seasonal mood boards, one can’t deny that Buffy’s fashion tastes continue to persist and still feel fresh. That, or everyone’s secret Buffy fanatics. Same!