39 Best Gray Hairstyles and Color Ideas for 2022

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Embracing aging is something that doesn’t come too easily to me (hello, existential crises) but the one thing I’m super excited about is all of the gray hairstyles I’ll one day get to sport. This intricate range is multi-dimensional—from platinum to ash all the way to metallic shades. And you don’t even have to have grays growing in to rock this color trend, you can ask your colorist to do it for you. But before you make that appointment—here’s what two experts have to say about wearing gray hair and how to take care of it.

Meet the experts

    How to you get gray hair color?

    If you’re looking to experience gray hair, celebrity colorist Richy Kandasamy definitely recommends going to an expert “because the color can change based on the natural color and texture of someone’s hair.” Krystel Cuadra, the senior colorist and creative director at Fekkai Salon, says that getting a gray hair color involves a global lightening or bleaching, which lifts the hair to a pale yellow. Then she applies a blue or gray-based toner or color to give the appearance of gray hair.

    How should you take care of gray hair?

    Taking care of any color is important work, but Cuadra says that for natural gray hair, occasionally using a purple shampoo to eliminate any yellow overcast or brassiness is a great first step. Both Cuadra and Kandasamy recommend using a conditioning mask and protecting hair from the sun, as natural gray hair can “tend to be drier than other hair.” Kandasamy says that most of the time “gray hair can feel more coarse, almost like a different texture compared to your natural hair. Because there’s less melanin, hair follicles also produce less sebum (the natural oils that hydrate hair).

    A fun tip from Kandasamy? Try a curly or wavy hairstyle, as your new hair type will be able to hold curls a little more easily. But if you dyed your hair gray, Caudra cautions that you will have to come into the salon for maintenance more often that not. This usually includes a root touch-up every four weeks and a gloss treatment to keep your gray tint vibrant every two weeks. And now, from a cotton candy curly bob to short silver braids, keep reading for the 39 of the coolest gray hairstyles.

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This Silver Streak Gray Hairstyle

Not ready to try a full head of color? Dip your toes with this face-framing gray streak. It’s versatile and a simple way to experiment and see if this shade suits you.


Purple, Blue, and Silver Short Layers

Yes, you can still rock color if you want to try a gray hairstyle. When you have gray or blonde hair, you’re able to easily add color without having to beach your strands. This pastel purple and ice-y blue is giving Frozen vibes and I love it.


This Shaggy Gray Wolf Cut

I don’t know about you, but all I saw on my TikTok feed was this exact haircut last year. This gray hairstyle embraces what is coined by Gen Z as the ‘wolf cut’—this haircut has the texture of the traditional mullet but most of the volume around the top of the head. When asking your stylist for this shaggy haircut, go for choppy layers and blunt bangs.


This Lob with Gray Highlights

I’ve heard of brown hair highlights, but I’ve never seen gray before. I love how the hairstylist worked with and embraced this client’s natural color to really make that gray pop. Gray hair often grows in streaks, so creating a pattern around the hair can make it look very natural. The blunt bob just adds to how ~glam~ this style is.


This Platinum Gray Crop

If you’re into something light and fun, try this platinum gray crop. It feels light and breezy, but could strut down any runway at a given moment. BTW, the best way to keep this hairstyle from turning brassy is to switch to a silver shampoo.

Another way to test out a gray hairstyle before fully committing to it? Tape-in hair extensions. This stylist used gray strands to add to this client’s hair, which is naturally dirty blonde. The result? This cool-toned, yellow to muted gray ombré effect.

A dark purple, gray bob? So pretty. But be warned, you have to be blonde or naturally gray to achieve this look. However, if you are a brunette, it will take two to three sessions to achieve this color. Even though this hairstyle is very high maintenance, it’s worth it IMO.


This Icy Titanium Gray Hairstyle

A combination of titanium and mint is another unique twist on a gray hairstyle. The secret to this 3D effect? Guy Tang, the stylist, used a charcoal shade for the roots to really ensure there was vibrancy and shape.


This Teal Tip and Gray Ombré Combo

Listen up: this color combo isn’t just for those of us who often dye our hair—gray to teal may have just become one of my favorite ways to transform hair. If embracing ombré is too much change for you, ask your colorist to do a dip-dye—it’s a lot easier to do, but you’ll still get the same effect.


This Cotton Candy Curly Gray Bob

This gray hairstyle just screams roaring ‘20s, doesn’t it? I love the pink and purple peek-a-boo strands, they almost look like cotton candy. Again, maintenance is heavy duty with this type of color—you’ll need to come in every four to six weeks for color and wash your hair with a purple shampoo.


This Silver, Blue, and Lilac Gray Blowout


These Black and Silver Ombré Braids

The attention to detail in this gray hairstyle is just … perfection. From the beaded detailing to the cornrow technique, it’s one of a kind. The black to silver ombré blends together seamlessly and is nothing short of dazzling.


This Metal Gray Hairstyle

I’d call this metallic turquoise gray hairstyle almost space-age, IMO. I can see a few shades of gray here, with a subtle blue melting into the middle. I love how futuristic this look is—The Fifth Element meets The Jetsons.


This Wavy, Prismatic Gray Hairstyle

The only word I have for this gray hairstyle is ~dimension~. I know that you have to take this photo to a skilled colorist to achieve this fantasy level look, but you can check out our beach wave tutorial round-up to mimic this hairstyle at home.


This Gray Statement Pony

If you’re on the hunt for a cute way to style your gray hair, take this statement ponytail hairstyle for a spin. This look is great for a night out or an important event.


This Prismatic, Rainbow Gray Hairstyle

Even though this has got to be the most difficult hairstyle to achieve on the list, it’s got to be my absolute favorite. Rainbow hair is not easy to maintain, but it’s the most striking to look at. BTW, with a gray base, you won’t need to lift the hair to add color. So if you’re already rocking a gray hairstyle, ask your stylist to add on some boldness next time you’re in the salon.


These White, Gray, and Black Braids

If you can’t decide what shade of gray to dye your hair, how about trying all of them at once? This braided ponytail proves that you don’t have to commit to one color and that they look excellent all together.


This Platinum Gray and Purple Straight Hairstyle

Because gray is a cool-toned color, it’s important to note that it can wash you out a little bit. Adding a pop of color, like the lilac purple here, can bring some brightness back to your face.


This Afro for a Gray Hairstyle

In the mood to switch up your hair color? Gray, although not the obvious choice for a bright dye job, can be a fresh take on platinum blonde or purple hair.


This Colorful Bang for a Gray Hairstyle

Money-piece highlights are always a cute-AF look to try if you’re not ready to attempt a full-on gray hairstyle. All you have to do is commit to dying the front strands that frame your face—an unexpected accent detail.


This Gray and Black Underdye

What’s not to love about this black and gray hairstyle with an under-dye? This is also a more low-key color to attempt if you’re not ready to commit—a few peek-a-boo strands are bleached and lifted to create this effect.


These Ash Gray Long Layers

Regardless of what color you dye your hair, keeping up with long hair can take a lot out of you. To maintain the health of your long hair and stop your color from fading, use a hair mask to keep strands hydrated.


This Silver Shadow Root Bob

A bob is always a win, but switching things up with a shadow root and gray color will take things to a whole ‘nother level. Bonus points for this being one of the more low-key gray hairstyles on the list—the roots will allow you to be able to wait a little while longer in between touch-up appointments.


This Pearl Gray Bob with Blunt Bangs

The bob is still as popular as ever, but this pearl gray bob with these type of bangs stands out to me. BTW, if you’re a natural brunette, prepare to visit the salon more than once to lift the color of this light.


These Metallic Silver Gray Waves

It’s giving a tornado, in the best way possible. This gray, wavy hairstyle is super stormy—it reminds me of curling up with a good book when you hear thunder and rain outside.


These Cute, Silver Space Buns

Give your gray strands a bit of an edge with these fun space buns. If you want to increase your hair’s shine, apply a hair oil from the mid-lengths to ends.


This Brown to Gray Ombré

I know all I’ve been talking about is how easy it is to go gray if you are a blonde, but here’s a really cool take on an ombré hairstyle that a natural brunette can easily go for. You’ll only have to bleach the tips of your stands to achieve this look and you can let this bb grow out for as long as you’d like.


These Silver and White Open Braids

Sometimes all you need is a bright gray color to really make your hair stand out. This combo of silver and white open braids is an outstanding choice and works all year round.


These Silver Crochet Braids

Leave it to this creator to pull off this silver crochet hairstyle with ease. Silver hair is definitely increasing in popularity and work wells with all skin tones.


This Blue and Gray Mullet

Guess what? Mullets are making a huge comeback in 2022—only this time, you can add color to really make this gray layered hairstyle stand out. This blue and metallic combo ensures you see all of the blunt cuts in this super cool look.


These Short, Bouncy Gray Curls

Gray hair on bouncy, short curls are vibrant and beautiful. This hairstyle has a bit of a yellow tinge to it, making it brighter and warming to the face.


These Silver Peek-a-Boo Strands

Yup, those white, peek-a-boo strands you keep seeing all over your IG feed are here to stay. The coolest thing about this hair color trend is that it’s fully customizable and you can find a color combo that fits your vibe.

What a great way to make gray look cool. This pop of color on these box braids are a stunning way to wear the shade.


This Gray Hair in a Sleek Bun

The sleek bun works anytime of day, for any event. Running errands, hitting a cocktail hour, or just plain hanging around the house. This gray hairstyle shows off your bone structure and keeps your hair out of your face.


This White Gray Blunt Cut with Bangs

Here’s a cool, modern twist on the blunt bob. The cut may come easily but the color will be a lengthy process. Make sure to ask your colorist to add a silver tone to lift any brassiness.


Short Gray Hair with Bangs

Is it just me, or does this styled short hairstyle make her look like the most gorgeous fairy? I’m in love with how ethereal and modern this cut is at the same damn time.


This Dark Gray Pixie Cut

If short hair is your thing, try this cool pixie cut with long bangs. I love this hairstyle because you can transform it into a pompadour to show off your face structure.


This Orange and Pink Gray Hair

If you’re not ready to rock pink or orange hair, you can start off by dying a few strands to see if you like it or not. We love how these waves show off these fun, bright colors and cascade into this pretty brunette shade.


This Pink and Gray Braided Hairstyle

This fun twist on the classic French braid is spunky—the way the pink and gray melt together, it’s almost like a sorbet ice cream. This hairstyle is easy to do, just grab alternating layers of hair until you finish at the bottom and try with scrunchies or a hair tie.

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