8 Curly Haircuts To Try For All Types of Curls

For all of our curly Qs, this one is for you. Taming the mane is not for the weak, and if you’re someone who likes to get up and go, sticking to the one or two hairstyles that you know will never let you down is definitely the safe option. We know the struggle of wash days that take hours and tending to each coil on your head; however, when it comes to styles and cuts curly-haired girls can pull off, the limit truly does not exist! Don’t believe us? 

Today, we’re taking a page out of the books of expert stylists on the perfect haircuts for curly hair and the products you’ll need to keep up with your ‘do. Keep scrolling for trending haircuts that’ll have you booking an appointment with your stylist ASAP!


Nicole Mangrum


Mangrum is a global hair artist whose work has been featured in Oprah Daily, Vogue, and Wall Street Journal. She is also an expert on Intro, a platform for booking one-on-one advice video chats with style and beauty experts.


1. Diamond ‘Fro 

If you have 4A to 4C curls, we’ve found the cut for you. The volume, the bounce, the shape—it’s nothing short of everything. Your curly texture gives this style all the hold it needs to stay put, but if you want to give it some extra lift or define your curls more, keep them moisturized. Use a leave-in product to fluff up the hair and shape it to your desire, especially in between wash days. Another tip: If you wake up and your hair looks a little squished or flattened, stand in the shower without getting your hair wet and let the steam reshape it. This adds the perfect amount of moisture back into the hair to give it some life again. 

Flora and Curl

Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion

This leave-in lotion is ideal for reshaping, re-fluffing, and re-zhuzhing your ‘fro. It’s sulfate- and alcohol-free and filled with sweet almond and coconut oil to leave your hair super soft and moisturized. Make sure to massage it into your whole head from roots to ends.


2. Layers

Consider this the curly girl’s “Rachel.” It doesn’t have the same swoopy-ness, but it gives off a similar look of ease. Unlike the ’90s layered hair we’re seeing come back, this style is perfect for a wash ‘n go. Because the cut already gives your hair dimension and body, you don’t need to do too much styling to make it look good. Opt for a really good curl cream or gel to set your curls in place. Because this style is medium to long in length, we also recommend a microfiber hair towel to plop your curls to give them lots of shape and extra volume at the roots. 

The Doux

Big Poppa Curl Define Gel

Unlike other gels, this one actually seals in moisture to make your hair feel even softer (AKA no crunch in sight).


Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Wrap Towel

Plop your hair into a towel like this made of microfiber that won’t cause frizz, breakage, or shrinkage in your curls. We love this one because it’s big enough to fit long and thick hair and feels comfortable on the head (especially if you plan to wear it all morning like we do).


3. Bixie

The bixie—a length just between a bob and a pixie—is taking the world by storm. We’re seeing it in all textures but especially all curly textures from 3A to 4c. With kinky and coily curls, little-to-no styling is required to make this look good, and it’s ideal for those who like to take their wash days as far as possible. On a more curly texture, you can use a curl-defining cream and twirl your curls with your fingers to give them a tighter shape. 


Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Crème

Curly girls swear by this cream because it does it all: defines curl pattern, adds moisture, doesn’t flake, reduces frizz, and is made with good-for-hair ingredients like rice amino acids and avocado oil.



4. Curly Bangs

“I love to see coily and curly hair in their natural textures but cut in strong shapes such as a heart shape or fringe that makes a statement,” said Nicole Mangrum, global hair artist and expert on Intro. Gone are the days where curls had to hide—instead, put them front and center with a bang. This can be paired with a long length to add dimension and frame your face, with a bob or pixie for a bolder look, or even with a layered cut. The options are endless.

We especially love bangs on curly hair because they’re so easy to style. Finger-coil every strand, and then use a blow dryer with a diffuser to set them in place. 


Supersonic Hair Dryer

This is arguably the most famous hair dryer in the world—and for good reason. The famed Dyson Supersonic was made for every hair type, length, and texture in mind. It comes with a diffuser attachment and has low speed and heat settings specifically for diffusing hair.


5. Shag

Although it goes by a few names—shag, mullet, wolf cut—this style is defined by one thing: lots of messy, undone texture, apt for curly hair. We’ve seen this on celebs like Whitney Peak and Natasha Lyonne, and it’s usually paired with a full bang, lots of choppy layers, and a medium length.

Because this style thrives on that undone look, you can get away with going longer between washes. However, that also means by the time your wash day rolls around, your scalp might be in need of a little detox. Opt for a scalp serum to hydrate and bring your hair back to life in between washes and massage an ultra-moisturizing shampoo into your scalp. 

PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross

Scalp Serum

Dry, flaky, itchy scalps have met their match with this blend of peppermint, rosemary, and lavendar oils, along with aloe, castor seed oil, and niacinamide to soothe and nourish the scalp.


Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo

Like a tall drink of water for curly hair, this shampoo cleanses roots without stripping all the oil and moisture from your scalp and hair. You’ll get all that rehydration you crave without any extra weight shrinking your coils.


6. Chin-Length Bob 

According to Mangrum, shorter cuts are all the rage, with the French-style bob haircut at the top of the list. If your style is chic, you’ll love the blunt edge of this cut. On curly hair, this style looks especially bold, so get ready to make a statement. Unlike previous iterations of the style, it’s not necessary to have sleek, straight hair to pull it off. Instead, keep your hair looking special by using a gel that makes your hair ultra-shiny. You’ll get that same sleekness without compromising your natural texture. 


Curl Gelée

This is the perfect gel for those who like to make a statement with their hair, all due to the blend of Murumuru seed butter, avocado butter, mango seed butter, apricot oil, and more. These butters and oils leave hair slick and shiny—without looking greasy, weighing hair down, or straightening out your curls.


7. Long Lengths

Just because short cuts are in doesn’t mean everyone is forgoing their long, luscious locks. Curls can do it all, including long and blunt or long with layers. A long, blunt haircut will allow your curls to take center stage, while a layered cut gives extra dimension and body while framing your face (like the cut above). 


Long lengths require lots of drying time, so you’ll likely rely on a good blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to get you out the door quicker. Also, invest in a product to revive your curls to avoid washing so often to protect your hair and keep it long and healthy.


InfinitiPRO by Conair Hair Dryer

This blow dryer was made to dry your hair fast, using a powerful motor with infrared heat that is still gentle on your precious locks.

Bumble and Bumble

Curl Reactivator

When your curls just look a little “blah,” this moisturizing spray gives it that oomph you’re looking for. It moisturizes, adds hold, and reduces frizz to revitalize curls in just a few spritzes.


8. Lob

Hair at this length is bouncy and fun, but if you want to keep your curls smooth and frizz-free, you’ll need to make sure to step up your moisture game. A deep conditioner is a must, especially if you only wash once a week (or less). Your hair is literally a sponge while it’s wet, so you want to add as much moisture as you can before hitting it with a blow dryer or waiting while it air dries. After you deep condition, use a moisturizing leave-in from scalp to ends. 

Sienna Naturals

Plant Power Protein & Moisture Repair Hair Mask

This vegan hair mask uses pea protein to moisturize, strengthen, and prevent damage. It can be used on all hair textures, color-treated hair, relaxed hair, and more, but it shines (literally) on hair that is extra dry, making it feel smooth, hydrated, and strong.


Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner

With over 490 five-star reviews on Ulta, this is a product that makes you wonder if there’s magic in the bottle (and there might be). One even said, “I’ve tried leave in sprays to combat this, and they don’t do ANYTHING compared to this absolute gift from God. A little goes a long way, but it also doesn’t weigh down my hair at all, so I’m able to use a good amount and get sufficient moisture without ending up with flat, lifeless hair.” Plus, the under-$15 price tag and blueberry Jolly Rancher scent don’t hurt.


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