‘Google Shopping List’ gets redesign, but it’s now too basic

Google recently updated the default “Shopping List” experience used by Assistant and Home devices. For many users, it’s a huge visual and functional regression that has taken away useful capabilities.

Besides voice commands, your list of groceries can be accessed on mobile (and desktop) via the web. Google Assistant settings and the Home app also offer a handful of shortcuts to shoppinglist.google.com.

You’ll first notice that something has changed by the fact that the page is now called the “Google Shopping List” instead of “My shopping list.” Additionally, an automatic dark theme is now offered based on your device settings. This is a transition to the Google Material Theme from the company’s previous design language (2018), while the iteration before that is seen in the cover image above (2017).

Organizationally, “Share” and “Sort” are no longer in the app bar, while an overflow menu lets you: Rename list, Delete list, Delete all checked, Check all, and Uncheck all.


You cannot hide checked options as items just move to the bottom. Additionally, the only Sort options available are “Alphabetical” and “Order added” as the “Categories” option has been removed, though this appears to have occurred earlier in the year before the redesign.

Meanwhile, there are confusingly two ways to add things to your list with the inline option at the top joined by a new floating action button (FAB) that opens a dialog box. Both no longer feature the time-saving autocomplete, while entries in the list are not accompanied by useful images. Additionally, you can no longer expand an item to add quantity or notes. 

The navigation drawer lets you create a “New list” with its own FAB, while “Send feedback” is an option there. Those upset with the new design should leave comments through that avenue.

Hopefully, this is just the first iteration of the new Google Shopping List, but a few more capabilities should have definitely been added before the redesign launched. 

Previous design

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