Here’s an early contender for 2022’s hottest haircut


The second layer is what gives the cut its length and, as mentioned, this part of the haircut can be tied up or left loose, depending on your mood and ensemble. “It’s a good way to achieve the coolness, androgyny and boyishness of short hair but without fully committing to it,” adds Hersheson. Good examples of the look are Margot Robbie in Vogue’s August 2021 issue, or Hailee Steinfeld, pictured below.


It’s a super flattering ’70s-style cut and for those who like a bit of length, it delivers movement, body and texture, without the need for much styling. Plus, it offers the kind of low-maintenance face-framing effect that those with round faces can benefit from.

How to style it? This is hair that looks great with a bit of texture, whether that’s curls or just a mussed-up finish. “You want to encourage some movement,” says Hersheson. “One trick is to tuck your hair behind your ears when it’s damp and let the bend of the hair fall naturally around your cheekbones.” Modern, easy to style and the best of both worlds – what’s not to love?

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