No fast fashion in a lifetime of thrift | Fashion

I envy Laura Snapes’ list of clothiers (Ditching fast fashion has been easier and more fun than I ever imagined, 29 December). As a child I was dressed in my older siblings’ hand-me-downs, then I clothed myself from charity shops during decades as a zero-hours university tutor and the early years of home purchase. When the 15% mortgage rates began to fall I progressed to dress agencies and now, having paid off the house, I can buy new at sales.
Rosalind Garton
Cupar, Fife

I’m a huge fan of the Feast supplement, despite being non-vegan and living somewhere free from 95% of Ottolenghi’s ingredients. However, I’m baffled by the inclusion in the most recent issue of instructions for turning leftover wine into homemade vinegar. Could you please explain the concept of “leftover wine”?
Anne Cowper
Bishopston, Swansea

I am reminded of the old story from the 1960s when the mass began to be celebrated in English (Letters, 30 December). After the service, confused parishioners asked the priest about the animal he’d mentioned – apparently he had invited them to “pray in the words of the prairie tortoise”.
Rev Canon Chris Oxley
Foxton, Leicestershire

The weather has been so mild here recently that I cut the lawn on 31 December, beating my previous final mowing of the year by 25 days.
Robin Britcher
Birchington, Kent

Well, he’ll be sweating now (Giuffre lawyers seek details on Prince Andrew’s claimed inability to sweat, 31 December).
Scott Poynting
Sydney, Australia

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