The ‘Internet Nostalgia’ Trend Is Bringing Fashion Back to the AOL Age

The millennials in our midst are having a serious case of déjà vu. After all, everything they once held dear from the early days of internet access is slowly but surely becoming the trend du jour.

The world of fashion is leaning increasingly Millennium-inspired, with a penchant for ironic


‘Fashion has no age’: the stylish senior citizens of Seoul | South Korea

Pots and pans, piles of shirts and shoes, jewellery-laden tables, and boxes brimming with bric-a-brac. In the tangle of streets near exit 3 of Seoul’s Dongmyo station, hundreds of vendors sell everything from old Instamatic cameras to books, bags and vinyl records.

Located in the South Korean capital’s historic


Gilded Age corsets poised to make the next fashion breakthrough | Fashion

Corsets, bustles, satins and ruffles: the Gilded Age’s fashion comeback could soon be complete after American Vogue announced it as this year’s theme for New York’s Met Gala.

This season’s flirtation with the corset trend is an experiment few are yet to try in earnest, but we could be eating


Cold weather skin care tips from a dermatologist for every age

Around the country temperatures have been brutal, leading people to either bundle up and brave the cold or hibernate inside until warmer weather appears. The cold poses multiple problems, especially for skin care lovers. From dealing with chapped lips to dry hands and feet, spring and summer can’t seem to


Celebrate the beauty that comes with age | Women

Gaby Hinsliff (Kate Winslet shows there’s more to middle age than a saggy belly, 3 June) raises a question of massive importance to women, but also to us all. It is a myth that humans are less beautiful as they age – on the contrary. Years ago, to help me