The ‘Internet Nostalgia’ Trend Is Bringing Fashion Back to the AOL Age

The millennials in our midst are having a serious case of déjà vu. After all, everything they once held dear from the early days of internet access is slowly but surely becoming the trend du jour.

The world of fashion is leaning increasingly Millennium-inspired, with a penchant for ironic slogan tees, tongue-in-cheek design and a level of enthusiasm for all things “Twilight” that would put even the most committed Twihard to shame. But this time around, instead of a carbon copy of all things Y2K, the look of the era is getting the Gen Z pastiche treatment, thanks to brands like Praying, Angel Therapy and Hmmmm, each of which are taking that aesthetic well beyond just their clothing, infusing 21st-century kitsch and digital retrofuturism into everything they do.