5 Bad Skin Care Habits to Ditch in 2023, According to Dermatologists

It seems like there was a new viral skin care product or hack every day this year. But not everything on #skintok is as good as it seems — or good for you at all.

Dermatologists tell TODAY.com that they’re tired of seeing their patients fall for these same traps


Bride slammed for bizarre custom wedding centerpieces – people say they’re so bad they’d walk out

IN yet another bizarre thread from Reddit, someone shared the haunting wedding decorations that a couple created.

While Halloween-themed weddings can be wacky, they can also be tasteful; however, one couple crossed the line when it came to their inappropriate centerpieces.

A couple created a horrifying decoration for their wedding reception


A couple created a horrifying decoration for their

40 Times Weddings Were So Bad, They Deserved To Be Shamed On This Facebook Page

Passionate, enduring love, forever and ever. An adventure through life with a partner you trust with your heart and soul. Someone who gets your quirks and loves you for your silly jokes. That’s the happily ever after that many of us Pandas dream of having. And whether or not you


Are sulfates bad in beauty products? The facts explained

Sulfates are one of the most prevalent (and currently, controversial) ingredients available. They are particularly ubiquitous in cosmetics. Sulfates are found in most beauty products, everything from soap and shampoos to bath bombs and toothpaste. So why is this common household ingredient causing a stir?

Over the last 15 years