Bride slammed for bizarre custom wedding centerpieces – people say they’re so bad they’d walk out

IN yet another bizarre thread from Reddit, someone shared the haunting wedding decorations that a couple created.

While Halloween-themed weddings can be wacky, they can also be tasteful; however, one couple crossed the line when it came to their inappropriate centerpieces.

A couple created a horrifying decoration for their wedding reception


A couple created a horrifying decoration for their wedding receptionCredit: Getty

The Reddit poster wrote: “Umm… it’s a no from me…”

They shared a screenshot from a Facebook post by an anonymous bride who was proudly showing a preview of her wedding decor.

The Facebook post read: “Finished our serial killer center pieces/table numbers recently and I’m super happy with how them came out!”

“This has been an idea we’ve been trying to exicicute since we got engaged in 2019. Only 10 more days!!!” they added.

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A Reddit user immediately called out the post’s grammatical errors, writing: “I find it funny they are apparently that into serial killers but can’t spell execute,” referring to how many have been sentenced to death.

The post also included photos of the centerpieces. Mounds of black and dark purple flowers were decorated with multiple skulls and topped with black-and-white mugshots of infamous serial killers.

The couple opted to include cult leader Charles Manson, deceivingly-friendly murderer Ted Bundy, gangster Al Capone, and killer clown John Wanye Gacy.

They also had mugshots for “night stalker” Richard Ramirez, grave robber and killer Ed Gein, and notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. 

These insensitive centerpieces seemingly glorifying murderers made many people absolutely furious over them.

“Why would anyone think this was a good idea??” one person wrote, while another added: “I’d walk out on the spot. That is gross beyond words.”

“Imagine if one of the guests lost a loved one to a brutal crime.. this could be so triggering for trauma survivors let alone the distasteful glorifying of actual murderers,” another commenter ranted.

People couldn’t believe the couple’s intense love of serial killers and their lack of empathy towards their victims.

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One person wrote: “If they were using FICTIONAL killers – Freddy Kruger, Mike Myers, etc. – I would call it a fun idea. But real-life serial killers?”

Another person echoed this thought, writing: “I love horror. I’m a fan of true crime. But there is a line. Idolizing and romanticizing serial killers is past that line. They killed real people in brutal ways.”

The bride shared a photo of her serial killer themed centerpieces


The bride shared a photo of her serial killer themed centerpiecesCredit: Facebook
She added Jeffery Dahmer's picture on top of a flower and skull bouquet


She added Jeffery Dahmer’s picture on top of a flower and skull bouquetCredit: Facebook