What Makes a Woman Beautiful? A Guide for Young Men

Some call it “the beauty bias.” Others prefer “lookism.” Either way, several studies over the last couple of decades establish the point apparently beyond dispute: It pays to be beautiful. Literally.

The more physically attractive you are, the more likely you will get interviews and job offers, receive raises, and


Unrealistic Beauty Standards for ‘Beautiful’ Kashmiri Women?

Women can wear makeup but not too much, they should look ‘natural’, should be slim but not too slim, almost everything a woman does, criticism is instantly derived

By Sarah Koul

TYPICALLY, Kashmiri women are perceived to have a fair white complexion and bright red cheeks, the perfect example


How to build a beautiful wedding table design that suits your style

When it comes to planning tablescapes, where should brides start? 
  1. Establish your décor budget.
  2. Book your venue and set your wedding date – the date and venue will determine the style of wedding décor. A castle winter wedding in Ireland will lend itself to opulent tablescapes with plentiful candles, velvet

Science explains who are the most beautiful man and woman in the world

The British cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva has carried out a study with which he has established who are the most beautiful celebrities —men and women— in the world. His analysis is based on the golden ratio —1:1.618—, the indicator of beauty followed by the Greeks.

This proportion considered perfect


Should A Woman Marry Just Because She Is Beautiful?

When my aunt saw me after a couple of years, she was surprised by the way I looked. She said, “You look so cute and beautiful now.” I blushed at her compliment only to be amused when she quickly added, “It is a good time for you to get married.”

“Women R Beautiful” at Vassar Celebrates Activism Against Beauty Norms

“Women R Beautiful” pushes against the mainstream definition of beauty by highlighting a diverse group of women.

Vassar College’s annual MODfest is running from Jan. 27 to Feb. 5. One exhibit being featured is Ruben Natal-San Miguel’s “Women R Beautiful.” It features a collection of photos that display diverse images


Puerto Rico’s best-selling nail polish brand doing beautiful business in Florida

ORLANDO – Many people are always looking to enhance their beauty routine. For the owner of Bettina Cosmetics, she’s not only helping customers with their look, she’s also helping business owners with their success.

The nail polish line is the best-selling brand in Puerto Rico, and last year, the Puerto


Bella Hadid Is Most Beautiful Woman On The Planet, According To Science

We’ve began to learn that there’s no such factor as an “best” body sort. Everyone’s view of “ideal” is totally different, and in addition to, perhaps, simply possibly, our our bodies are best simply as they are. It’s often troublesome to separate ourselves from the things we eat and to  

9 Jewellers That Sell The Most Beautiful Wedding Rings In London

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

With July 19th officially declaring rule-free wedding season well-and-truly underway our love for all things weddings, and well, love, has reached a whole new level. Whether it’s the photographers capturing the magical moments from the day, the totally chic minimal wedding dresses we keep adding to our


Bill Cosby rep calls his prison release ‘a beautiful day for women’

Bill Cosby’s surprising release from prison Wednesday was a “beautiful day” not just for the disgraced TV star but for women across the country, his spokesman claimed in an interview with The Post.

“It’s a beautiful day, not just for Bill Cosby because this is about all Americans, making sure