Science explains who are the most beautiful man and woman in the world

The British cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva has carried out a study with which he has established who are the most beautiful celebrities —men and women— in the world. His analysis is based on the golden ratio —1:1.618—, the indicator of beauty followed by the Greeks.

This proportion considered perfect in Ancient Greece, applied to the face, is “the relationship between the nose and the upper lip, which is less than the distance between the lip and the chin, for example”, as explained by Da Silva on his Instagram profile.

The expert, through an algorithm, wanted to know which current famous women and men have the proportions that the Greeks considered perfect. Among the list of most handsome men, according to this theory, are Brad Pitt and David Beckham, among others. But the one that comes closest to these proportions is Robert Pattinson.

The protagonist of Twilight and Batman showed an accuracy of 92.15% in the golden ratio, compared to 88.96% for Beckham or 90.51% for Pitt.

Gigi Hadid tops the list of the most beautiful women

In the case of women, it is Gigi Hadid —although initially it was Amber Heard— who is the one that comes closest to that “perfect” proportion of the Greek imagination. According to De Silva, the American model, television personality, founder and creator director of clothing line “Guest In Residence” obtained a 94.35% accuracy, as the surgeon pointed out on his Instagram profile.

In the list of most beautiful women, according to this principle, there are also Beyoncé, Amber Heard and Kate Moss, among others.