Beauty mistakes: Woman’s horrible allergic reaction to brow lamination treatment

Eyebrow lamination has grown in popularity only recently, as an effective way to tame your bushy friends and promote fuller-looking brows.

But one woman’s recent experience is teaching women to be a little more careful before they go ahead with the treatment.

TikToker Elizabeth Stirber revealed that she had a


Husband’s awkward reaction to his wife’s ex embracing her at their wedding

A TikTok video recently went viral showing an Indonesian bride embracing her ex-boyfriend at her wedding, to the groom’s obvious discomfort.

It’s really awkward: An Indonesian man was filmed not knowing what to do as his wife’s ex-boyfriend came up to her during their wedding to share a long hug


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Wedding guest sparks controversy with reaction to bride’s wedding plans: ‘Talk to her yourself’

A woman was relieved when she was left out of a bridal party. But the groom-to-be is infuriated by her reaction. 

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