Beauty mistakes: Woman’s horrible allergic reaction to brow lamination treatment

Eyebrow lamination has grown in popularity only recently, as an effective way to tame your bushy friends and promote fuller-looking brows.

But one woman’s recent experience is teaching women to be a little more careful before they go ahead with the treatment.

TikToker Elizabeth Stirber revealed that she had a horrible allergic reaction after she experienced her first eyebrow lamination. Watch the video above.

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Woman's horrible allergic reaction to brow lamination.
Stirber’s eyebrow area because visibly irritated and puffy. (TikTok / @elizabethstirber_)

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Sharing a video of numerous progress photos, Stirber revealed how her eyebrows went from looking slightly red and irritated to completely inflamed and swollen.

She captioned her video: “Never getting a brow lamination ever again.”

In some photos, Stirber’s reaction shows burn-like patches above and below her brows, with her eyelids and under-eyes puffy and sore-looking.

Horrified followers immediately took to the comments, asking Stirber if she’d gotten a patch test done before she booked a full treatment.

“I got a test patch in December but still had this. It’s been over a week and I’m just red now but took lots of meds!” she wrote.

One user suggest Stirber reacted to the chemical solution that is used to straighten the brow hairs.

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Woman's horrible allergic reaction to brow lamination.
Angry burn-like patches appeared above and below the woman’s eyebrows, while her eyelids were completely swollen. (TikTok / @elizabethstirber_)

Eyebrow lamination treatment uses a specially formulated type of keratin that helps to straighten brows, to make them appear fuller and tidier.

It is supposed to be a painless treatment, and to ensure there are no dangers for clients, a patch test on a small area of skin is usually done.

But Stirber claims despite having a patch test, she still experienced an incredibly painful reaction.

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Inquiring about Stirber’s health, one user asked if she’d seen a doctor, she replied that she had, and was also on prescribed medication.

Another user shared that she’d also had a reaction after the procedure.

“What meds did you take bc I had a similar reaction with the chemical burns and it’s still visible,” a fellow beauty lover was wondering,” they wrote.

While brow lamination has become a popular beauty treatment for those who can pull off the chic bushy brow look, beauty experts advise caution when choosing your brow therapist. Always inform them of any allergies or reactions you may suffer and any medications you may be on that could cause an adverse reaction and, finally, make sure they patch test.

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