Where To Sell Jewelry Near Me?

Where To Sell Jewelry Near Me?

There comes a time when you have no choice but to sell your precious jewelry. It could be because you need cash, or because you no longer use it, or the old jewelry is cluttering your drawers. Some fine jewelry, like engagement rings or expensive watches, can be painful reminders


Best Jewelry to Make and Sell

If you’re interested in crafts and fashion, a jewelry business may be the perfect opportunity for you. Before you can sell jewelry, it helps to select a niche, so you can narrow down your ideas and source specific materials. Here’s a guide to some top-selling jewelry projects.

Why Should You


Trendy teen fashion app Depop is being used to sell illegal tanning injections and supplements

Illegal substances, drug paraphernalia and shady secondhand supplements are all being sold on Depop, an investigation has revealed.   

MailOnline found dangerous tanning injections, needles, used ‘fertility pills’ and bongs being openly advertised on the marketplace used by children as young as 13.

It follows an investigation last week by tech


9 Jewellers That Sell The Most Beautiful Wedding Rings In London

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

With July 19th officially declaring rule-free wedding season well-and-truly underway our love for all things weddings, and well, love, has reached a whole new level. Whether it’s the photographers capturing the magical moments from the day, the totally chic minimal wedding dresses we keep adding to our