Best Jewelry to Make and Sell

If you’re interested in crafts and fashion, a jewelry business may be the perfect opportunity for you. Before you can sell jewelry, it helps to select a niche, so you can narrow down your ideas and source specific materials. Here’s a guide to some top-selling jewelry projects.

Why Should You Sell Handmade Jewelry?

If you’re interested in starting your own venture, here’s why a jewelry business is an ideal option:

  • Monetize a hobby: Jewelry making can be a fun hobby or a way to add to your personal collection. If you already enjoy this activity, it should be fairly easy to start selling your creations.
  • Save on startup costs: Most jewelry businesses only need a few basic supplies and a website to start selling. You can easily earn that amount back and start turning a profit quickly.
  • Express yourself creatively: There are tons of materials and designs to try. This makes it an ideal option for those who are always trying new creative projects.
  • Serve customers around the world: Jewelry is popular in markets around the world. You can easily reach customers online or by partnering with retail outlets in multiple states and countries.
  • Scale and evolve easily: Since jewelry doesn’t cost much to make and sell, you can add offerings or change your style over time.


Top Jewelry Ideas to Make and Sell

If you’re ready to start a jewelry business, the first step is determining what products to sell. Here are some great ideas for making jewelry that can be sold to various consumers.

1. DIY Morse Code Bracelets

Morse code bracelets include beads or charms that spell out various messages in morse code. You may offer a set selection of common sayings. Or you could allow customers to personalize their bracelets with names, dates, or quotes.

2. Rosy Dangling Earrings

Dangling earrings are perfect for special occasions and fashionable individuals. Craft these creations out of rosy gemstones or charms that you attach to earring backings or hooks.

3. Woven Yarn Bangles

Bangles are hard bracelets that can be customized in a number of ways. Appeal to those who like fiber-based fashion by weaving yarn around the base of the bracelet.

4. Rope Necklace

Rope is a popular material for both bohemian and nautical styles. Keep it simple by offering a basic chain, or creating intricate macrame designs.

5. Customizable Charm Bracelets

Those who work with charms, gemstones, and precious metals can craft unique charms that customers can collect. Then offer simple bracelets that easily fit all these charms.

6. Stone Pendants

Natural stones can be amazing pieces for jewelry collectors. Think turquoise, quartz, and adobe. Offer them as pendants or as full necklaces or bracelets.

7. Beaded Necklaces

Beaded necklaces integrate a variety of materials onto one chain or rope. There are tons of ideas for unique color combinations or designs. You can even let customers customize their own necklace.

8. Precious Metal Earrings

If you’re skilled with precious metals, bend and shape your own earrings to create unique designs. You may even integrate other materials like stone or gems.

9. Wire Rings

Wire is a fairly easy material to bend, which makes it ideal for creating completely customizable rings. Offer designs with multiple wire pieces integrated into one circle, or use the wire to add beads or other beautiful embellishments.



10. Quote Bangles

Start with a basic wooden bangle and then customize it with paint and other decorative crafts. This can be the perfect venue for adding fun or inspiring quotes.

More Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry Business

The small business ideas listed above are just a few options to consider. If you’re already making jewelry or still searching for the perfect niche to get started, here are some additional ideas to consider.

11. Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets

Another option for customizing wooden bracelets is to add washi tape. This material comes in tons of colors and patterns. So you can constantly update your inventory with new options. But this should be a fairly easy and inexpensive project to complete.

12. Initial Necklaces

Lots of people wear necklaces with their own initials or those of their kids or close family members. Either craft these letters from metal or purchase pre-made pendants that you can easily add to chains.

13. Silver Accessories

Silver is a popular jewelry material that takes skill to work with. If you have the relevant experience, offer a wide array of products that all utilize this valuable metal.

14. Gemstone Rings

Gemstones can serve as the centerpiece for a variety of rings, from statement jewelry to engagement rings. Higher-end pieces may require specialized training or experience with various gems and metals. Or you could offer fashion pieces for less money.

15. Ornate Brooches

Brooches are popular with those who love vintage jewelry. But there’s still a market for new pieces that utilize beautiful gems, stones, and metals.

16. Handmade Watches

Watchmaking is an intricate art that requires specialized knowledge of mechanical movements. If you have the proper training, you may appeal to a niche that is willing to pay for quality timepieces.



17. Clay Earrings

Clay allows you to create nearly any shape and size pendant. Once the clay is cut and shaped, you can even paint it before adding it to earring hooks.

18. Painted Wooden Charms

Wood can be another popular material for statement jewelry. Cut and paint pieces to truly customize your jewelry.

19. Large Plastic Chains

Plastics can also serve as the base for various jewelry, especially with 3D printing equipment. Consider crafting statement chain necklaces out of this material.

20. Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are generally simple pieces made of metal or wire. They may include a small charm or letter. Then customers can purchase a few to stack on top of one another.

What Handmade Jewelry Sells Best?

Unique jewelry that can make a great gift or be personalized in some way tends to make money online and in gift stores. For example, initial necklaces are popular for new moms, wedding gifts, and even on birthdays.

Is Making and Selling Jewelry Profitable?

Selling jewelry pieces online and at craft shows can be profitable. It depends on the cost of materials and other overhead. For example, simple pieces made of wire and beads that sell well online can be more profitable than expensive rings sold in a retail setting.

What Jewelry Is Easiest to Make?

Many jewelry ideas can be quite easy. For example, washi tape bangles and pendant necklaces usually just require a few steps. You can usually find a step-by-step guide for various pieces on Google or YouTube.

Image: Envato Elements