4 Unique wedding lounge ideas for comfortable seating

Consider one of the very first elements your attendees will see when they start showing up: their lounging seats. This should definitely be on the top if you’re searching for a technique to make your wedding decor feel new and distinctive. The customary round table and chair wedding layout needs


17 Unique Ways to Host a Mountain Wedding

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to make your marriage official, look no further than the mountains. Can you imagine being surrounded by a dreamy mountainous terrain while saying “I do” to your favorite person? Or, better yet, swapping vows at the summit while the rest of


Exploring The Unique Relationship Between Hip Hop And Jewelry


Lion Goes Viral For Sporting Unique ‘Fringe’ Hairstyle

Talk about making an impression! A lion in a China zoo has become a hit on the internet for sporting a ‘neat fringe’ hairstyle. 

Pictures of the male lion in his quirky hairdo

at the Guangzhou Zoo went viral after they were posted to Chinese social media. The ferocious cat