Lion Goes Viral For Sporting Unique ‘Fringe’ Hairstyle

Talk about making an impression! A lion in a China zoo has become a hit on the internet for sporting a ‘neat fringe’ hairstyle. 

Pictures of the male lion in his quirky hairdo

at the Guangzhou Zoo went viral after they were posted to Chinese social media. The ferocious cat named Hanghang has become a top trend and it’s not hard to see why. 

A lion in a China zoo has become a hit on the internet for sporting a

Last week, a visitor to the zoo had snapped the pictures, and originally posted them to heLittle Red Book (Xiaohongshu) page. The photos have since been reshared widely online.  

“I’m dying from laughter over the lion from Guangzhou Zoo. Who cut his hair!!!” the photos were captioned.  

After the pictures went viral, zoo authorities were prompted to deny allegations that they had given the lion the unusual haircut. 

“We would never dare to cut his hair”, a zoo worker, according to multiple reports. “The lion’s hairstyle will change eventually,” they said.  

The worker said Hanghang’s hair grows naturally and is brushed with the help of the wind. They added the reason for the blunt bang is that the humidity in Guangzhou is high that his hair was drooping.  

“There is no hairdressing program at the zoo, and we dare not cut a lion’s hair. You can say that he has ‘designed’ the hairstyle himself,” the staff member explained.   

Guangzhou Zoo denied allegations that they gave a male lion the unusual haircut.
Xiaohongshu (我跑不动了)

Many social media users in China saw the funny side to the whole story. 

“Strange as it may seem, I want to learn how to style my hair from this lion,” one user joked. 

“It can be expected that this lion’s hairstyle will become a fashion trend,” another said.  

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