44 most loved hairstyles for curly hair in 2022

Did you know that your natural curls or wavy hair can make even the most vogue hairstyle – that too without applying tons of hairsprays and pins?

Curly hair, though full of charm, life, and character, gets slightly sidelined once the proposal of styling in tangled updos, buoyant ponytails, and elaborate braids comes up. For most people having curly hair, merely wishing those curls to behave is the goal, let alone dream about funky topknot and chic hairstyles for curly hair.

Everyone loves naturally bouncy, crispy, and wavy hair, but those who have it only know the struggle behind the correct locks. We know there are bad hair days when your curly hair rebels and does not stay in place or support any hairstyle. That is why we came to your rescue! This article lists 44 hairstyles for curly hair that are impressive, trendy, and totally doable at home. Worry not; these superb hairstyles suit any hair length and every hair color and are kid-friendly!

All about curly hair


The primary characteristic of curly hair is its form or shape, i.e., a loose wavy form or a long, drawn-out S-shape. The texture will probably be more or less similar to other hair forms – silky, medium, or rough.

And in order to fully perceive your hair type and texture, you can take the following steps:

  •  Follow your standard hair wash routine
  •  Do not use any hair product straight off after hair wash
  •  Let your hair dry naturally
  •  Do not use your fingers or a comb to detangle your hair
  •  Once your hair dries off, notice the texture and type

You will understand the character (texture and type) of your hair. Once you work this out, you will have clarity on how to take care of your curls and what hairstyles for curly hair will suit you!

Your choice of hairstyles for curly hair

Short curly hair


Short bouncy curls look remarkable with long side-swept bangs. You will be able to use a flat iron to straighten your bangs or keep them wavy. Delicate highlights enhance the feel and add dimension to your curly hairstyle. Punk-inspired hairstyles with messy curls and jittery bangs also will go fine with your short hair type.

Medium-length curly hair


Massive loose curls, medium lively curls, and small ringlets match utterly with shoulder-length curly haircuts. Stylists advocate tousled hairstyles with curls and waves still as pebbly waves and a maximally natural appearance. Most ladies having naturally curly hair are uncertain regarding bob haircuts since curly locks ordinarily shrink and appear way shorter than expected – but they do look voluminous. If your hair is extremely dense, it will be trimmed from within to induce an additional appealing curly hairstyle form. Though, the length is something to ponder upon. Apart from that, do not be in an exceedingly rigidity to show down a plan of a bob haircut if you own curly hair. To make you understand things clearly, we have mentioned several pretty good examples of curly bob hairstyles, so do not forget to check out the pics!

Long, drawn-out curly hair


Long lengths offer you multiple options like outlined curls, polished curls, naturally breezy curls, tousled curls, and curls with side braided sections. To unwind longer curls, we suggest you use layering that provides an unflawed, revived appearance to your long, drawn-out curly hairstyles.

44 most loved hairstyles for curly hair in 2022

1. Mermaid hairstyle for curly hair


To begin with, examine your curly hair texture. That will help you decide on how to approach these loose hairstyles for curly hair. If you have got a smaller curl, then first blow them out to get them flowy. After that use a styling rod to induce these loose mermaid curls. For longer curly hair, air dry them, then pin down the strands and use the styling rod to lift it up and add additional definition.

2. Deep (side) part hairstyle for curly hair


Romantic curls with a dramatic deep side part could be a look that never fails. It is as eternal glory. If you are in a hurry or are merely tired of trying a hairstyle for curly hair – this is the ultimate hairstyle for curly hair that will suit anyone and everyone!

3. Tousled topknot hairstyle for curly hair


This tousled topknot hairstyle for curly hair lets your lively curls add some major character to your best updo. Traceless hair rings facilitate keeping the staff of life secure, yet messy. Let some hair flocks tumble down loosely to complete the look and be ready to flaunt your diva vibe!

4. Corset French braid hairstyle for curly hair


This vogue hairstyle for curly hair involves French braids on either side over a pulled-back secured low mohawk-style updo. Once done wrap it beneath and secure your hair for the finished cinched look.

5. French low pony hairstyle for curly hair

This vogue goes from day to nighttime in a very pinch with its straightforward, elegant French braid and wrapped low ponytail that will not fall out at each flip.

6. Half up half down hairstyle for curly hair


If you think that there is not a lot to try and do with short curling hair, you are missing out on the planet of hair accessories – with the exception of the half up half down hairstyle. This straightforward twisted half up half down hairstyle for curly hair permits you to keep your short hair out of your face with no fuss while looking chic!

7. Half lob hairstyle for curly hair


For ladies with long-drawn curly hair, this lob (long bob) permits you to walk on a lot of tame aspects (in terms of curls) by shortening your locks into a chic lob-length appearance. The curly hair will rest all on one aspect, offering your persona a touch of Hollywood glam!

8. Relaxed ponytail hairstyle for curly hair


Ultra-high, sleek, low, or messy – ponytails are always attractive and stylish. However, this relaxed ponytail hairstyle for curly hair works best on any type, length, and texture of curly hair. The amount and body of the curls provide some much-needed character to your curly hairstyle appearance.

9. Side-swept low pony hairstyle for curly hair

This trendy appearance is appropriate for a princess like that of Elsa from Frozen, perhaps? One of the most effective things concerning curling hair is that you will do some fun, straightforward things to it, secure it with a hairpin, and enjoy. This smart side-swept low pony hairstyle for curly hair solely takes seconds to try and do.

10. Twisted maiden braid hairstyle for curly hair

You only need some stylish hair pins and a couple of minutes to form this romantic twisted maiden braid hairstyle for curly hair. It offers a modish completion to natural curls that works for any occasion.

11. Cuffed high ponytail hairstyle for curly hair


Gather your curls into a high, sleek ponytail and secure it with a golden à la mode cuff and flaunt your cuffed high ponytail hairstyle for curly hair in any place your desire.

12. Inside-out hairstyle for curly hair

This fun updo is unbelievably straightforward and pretty easy. It starts with three ponytails stacked on top of each other. You may require a few folds and a lot of hair pins, and your inside-out hairstyle for curly hair is ready!

13. Bow bun hairstyle for curly hair


Do you apprehend how this hairstyle may appear if done on straight hair? Big flop! This de rigueur bow bun hairstyle for curly hair is created particularly for curly-haired people, so do not miss out on this fun hairstyle by any means!

14. Folded voluminous hairstyle for curly hair


This high, volume-packed hairstyle for curly hair permits you to artfully fold sections of your naturally curly hair into the proper uncomplicated hairstyle suitable for any occasion. This hairstyle for curly hair keeps your curly hair up and away from your pretty face!

15. Tied with ribbons hairstyle for curly hair


Don’t we love the delicacy of skinny velvet ribbons? Whether or not utilized in a French braid like this hairstyle for curly hair or a quick half-up hairstyle for curly hair. They add an easy yet sexy complete vibe that urges you to look put together even though it’s masking a great deal of dry shampoo (sigh)

16. Braided bangs hairstyle for curly hair


A stacked bob hairstyle for curly hair works nicely with any length of curly hair. However, on days after you wish to alter things up or keep curly hair out of your eyes, a braid is the easiest and friendliest method to opt for. These French braided bangs are loose and solely usher in your curly hair from the aspect nearest to the face, as opposed to from either side of the braid. Pin them beneath your curly hair to make them secure and invisible.

17. Braided band hairstyle for curly hair


Tame your ringlets with a decent French braid band hairstyle for curly hair that permits you to frame your face while allowing your wild curls to flow freely and relax.

18. Half-up twisted hairstyle for curly hair

This effortless hairstyle for curly hair uses a good deal of hair pins to secure three totally different sections, beginning with the voluminous prime section (that offers the pompadour look) to the center section (flanked with tight twists on the sides), and (lastly) the bottom curls. Once done, you can flash your half-up twisted hairstyle for curly hair on any occasion!

19. Pin-up bangs hairstyle for curly hair

This simple twisted pin-up bangs hairstyle for curly hair look offers your naturally curly locks a touch of overbold hotness! You can just wrap the section around your finger and pin them beneath, and voila!

20. Faux bob hairstyle for curly hair


If you love to feign short curly hair while not stepping towards the shears, this faux bob hairstyle for curly hair is your best go-to hairstyle. This look works well for those with curly layers, shorter curly layers to be precise.

21. Triple buns hairstyle for curly hair


For this cute everyday hairstyle for curly hair, separate hair into three sections and make three buns. Then fasten them in a way that you get the illusion of only one bun that appears like a lot of involved updos.

22. Upside-down braid hairstyle for curly hair


Upside-down braids will never stop amazing everyone. And if you are able to master the talent of making an upside-down braid hairstyle for curly hair, you will need an excellent thanks to increasing your high-toned personality.

23. Fishtail halo hairstyle for curly hair

Spice up your regular curly hair by taking a tiny low section of hair behind your bangs. Then slow down and braid them. Once done, swoop and pin the braid to the rear of the head, and repeat on different aspects if desired. Your fishtail halo hairstyle for curly hair is ready to show off.

24. Pinned back hairstyle for curly hair


Loose, romantic waves are often commanding off the face with artfully placed hairpins. This pinned-back hairstyle for curly hair will surely make you the center of attraction in any gathering.

25. Scarf wrap hairstyle for curly hair


Transform your topknot or bun with a colorful silken scarf for immediate mode and sass. Try this scarf wrap hairstyle for curly hair with a neutral flowy outfit to make a fashionable statement in mere seconds.

26. Faux hawk hairstyle for curly hair

Get this faux hawk hairstyle for curly hair in a few good minutes and war any occasion with enthusiasm. This faux-hawk updo lets your curly hair highlight its voluminous texture.

27. Oversized pigtails hairstyle for curly hair


This updo is seen best suited to curly hair. However, these oversized pigtails hairstyle for curly hair works surprisingly great making massive, daring braids that you just cinch at the rear of the neck.

28. Romantic hairstyle for curly hair


This hairstyle for curly hair is romantic in appearance and is also quite undemanding. Even better, it needs almost zero heat styling. For people who like to see a loose and carefree appeal to their naturally curly or wavy hair wherein their hair still flows and maintains its temperament, the romantic hairstyle is your best friend. 

29. 1-minute side braid hairstyle for curly hair


Do not be intimidated by how prepossessing this 1-minute side braid hairstyle for curly hair is. It takes only about sixty seconds.

30. Wide hat hairstyle for curly hair


Tucking your curls beneath a wide hat like Janelle Monáe seems like a manageable fix on bad curly hair days. However, take care as wide hats are robust and may not work in every situation, especially on overly windy days.

31. Sleek hairstyle for curly hair


This super easy hairstyle for curly hair is utterly suitable for a summer party or pageant. Plus, your facial bone structure will certainly shine. To make it even more high-class, secure with a swish, elevated scrunchie, and get a red carpet feel!

32. Skyhigh pony hairstyle for curly hair


As per renowned hair stylists, taking inspiration from the ’90s for hairdos is the ultimate win. The wonderful thing about this hairstyle for curly hair is that you will be able to dress it up or down depending on your event. Try it with bright lip color and summery overalls for a cool, casual, and free demeanor. Or go the sexy evening route with a bold cat eye. Either way, this sky-high pony hairstyle for curly hair takes a couple of minutes at max to execute.

33. The low hairstyle for curly hair with braids


Here is another genius hairstyle for curly hair that is particularly nice for those with long-drawn curly hair with a natural texture. In merely a few minutes you can epitomize this hairstyle superbly.

34. French twisted hairstyle for curly hair


Despite the multiple choices of hairstyle for curly hair, it does not get a lot easier than the attention-grabbing French twist that Zendaya wore. This French twisted hairstyle for curly hair is one of the best trends because it works even with unwashed hair. The principles keep an equivalent despite texture – be it curly and thick or straight and wavy.

35. Slick back classic hairstyle for curly hair

Use your fingers to slightly tousle some flyaway hair and keep the tendrils at the rear of the neck and around the hairline. Leave as is or end with a spritz of flexible-hold toilet article to parade this slick back classic hairstyle for curly hair!

36. Banded ponytail hairstyle for curly hair


The banded ponytail hairstyle for curly hair could be a cute style for all those people who have naturally soft curls.

37. Pouf hairstyle for curly hair


In a pinch, a pouf hairstyle for curly hair could be a super elementary updo to recreate for formal or casual events.

38. Half-up hairstyle for curly hair

A super messy half-up hairstyle for curly hair hinges on selecting the correct hair product. However, ensure to backcomb the areas you would like to volumize before securing your curly hair back. In terms of hair products, use a generous coat of hairspray for a long-lasting statement-making appearance.

39. Double buns hairstyle for curly hair


Double buns hairstyle for curly hair are terribly comprehensible, with a hairstylist-approved ’90s vibe that is equally stylish and vintage.

40. Slicked back hairstyle for curly hair


A slicked-back hairstyle for curly hair is comparable to the high ponytail, with the only difference being it sits lower on the rear of the neck. Slick back the hair at the crown of your head with any hair gel, brush it thoroughly and leave the remainder of the hair loose. Affix your curls with stylish hair pins or a headband to upscale the fashionable updo.

41. Bantu knots hairstyle for curly hair


Bantu knots hairstyle for curly hair is a tremendous rage for naturally curly hair. It is modish, super stylish, and also healthy for your curls. They give the impression of being rowdy. Conversely, Bantu knots are pretty intelligible to try and can be achieved in mere minutes.

42. Finger waves hairstyle for curly hair

Using ample gel and a wooden sleek comb, produce the finger waves on your damp curly hair. Then gently clip those finger waves into place with metal hair clips. Once done, braid the remainder of the curls to encourage a liberal wavy pattern. Either air dry or use a blow drier to quicken the procedure. Once your hair settles, take down the braids and clips, and voila!

43. High pony hairstyle for curly hair


This high pony hairstyle for curly hair will most probably need some hair extensions to induce a fuller and complete length. But, once done, this hairdo will give you a ravishing look.

44. Scarf braid hairstyle for curly hair


Take your scarf of choice but make sure it is not too thick. Fold it and use it as a discreet hair elastic to form a tiny low loop. By starting at the crown of your head, slip some hair through the loop. Then adjust the headscarf to stay in its place. Once done, braid your curly hair by incorporating the headscarf (use the scarf as a replacement for your third section of hair). Use an additional scarf to tie the remainder of your hair, winding the material around and going away the ends supporting it. Secure the overall hairdo with designer hairpins. You can pair this hairstyle for curly hair with summer dresses or anything casual and laid-back.

Wrap Up


Curly hair could indeed be a blessing or a curse in disguise. But it definitely is not a child’s play to manage them. Often once you figure out the perfect hairstyles for curly hair, you think to stick by them to be on the safer side and unwilling to further experiment. However, you do not have to lose your hopes just yet. Give your wildest curls any hairstyle that you want from our list of 44 hairstyles for curly hair!

What is your favorite go-to hairstyle for curly hair?