Cocooning, hunkering down: Comfort clothing is the next big fashion trend

If there is one theme emerging at the Autumn/Winter 2024 Milan Fashion Week, it is cocooning, hunkering down, enveloping one’s self in comfort clothing.

No one is mentioning the wars and political divisions cleaving the globe, but it’s clear that if they aren’t in the forefront of designers’ minds, the


Confidence Secrets From 4 Women Pushing Back Against Beauty Standards

Confidence Secrets From 4 Women Pushing Back Against Beauty Standards
Shutterstock / Prostock-studio.

Beauty standards are engraved into girls from a young age. Our Barbies and dolls come perfectly packaged with their hair, makeup, and nails already done. Most of us played with those toys as we watched our mothers get dolled up for the day. Beauty seems fun and


30 best affordable jewellery brands

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British-based brand Missoma is all about having fun with everyday jewellery; the label is known for its beautiful use of gemstones, its sell-out collaborations (with the likes of influencer Lucy Williams and designer Harris


More dermatologists are offering skin-care services for people of color

Patients of color should have access to physicians who are sensitive to skin and hair conditions unique to them and know how to treat them, said dermatologist Susan Taylor. That belief led Taylor to co-found the first clinic for skin of color in the United States.

“We needed something


Tustin shopping center: 1 arrested after setting off ‘mortar-type firework’

TUSTIN, Calif. (AP) — A man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly setting off a homemade firework near a Southern California shopping center, police said.

Reports of an explosion at The Village at Tustin Legacy prompted authorities to evacuate several businesses, including Chipotle, said Eric Davidson, a spokesperson for Regency Centers,


The Best Skincare Brands at Sephora, According to Derms

When it comes to beauty shopping meccas, Sephora is one to beat. Whether you’re looking for tried-and-true brands or rising TikTok favorites, you’re bound to find all your needs met in one shopping trip—and then some. But with so many choices at your disposal, where do you begin? Especially for


6 men’s hair trends for unlocking endless good hair days

In 2023 the hair trends have really been making moves. And for all the big stuff, there are still plenty of styles that skew classic. Something for everybody in this place!

Whether you’re heading to a job interview or you’re waiting for a date, your hair can say a lot


So Many Celebs Wore the Red Colour Fashion Trend to the 2024 BAFTAs

My mum always said she thought I’d work in the film industry because—when I was young and before streaming advances meant you could watch any TV show or film at any time, no matter how long ago it aired—I would always record the BAFTAs onto a blank video and watch


16 Best Jewelry Boxes and Organizers 2024

Photo: Marcus McDonald

A decade of jewelry collecting has taught me that where you keep your treasures matters as much as the treasures themselves. Otherwise, you risk scuffed gold, tangled chains, or, even worse, the heartbreak of something going missing. I


Monday Haircare’s Founder Has Made Another Hair and Body Care Brand

The mind behind Monday Haircare is at it again.

Jaimee Lupton, who founded the “liquid gold” hair care business that has since gone viral and brought in hundreds of millions in sales, is bringing another brand to the U.S beauty market.

Called Osāna, the brand is meant to democratize premium