Bride does bhangra in her wedding lehenga. Her dance will bowl you over | Trending

Weddings are an occasion when it is common to see people dancing their heart out. One such video has now left people amused as it shows not just the wedding guests but the bride doing bhangra to dhol beats too. She is grooving with such energy on her wedding that it would bowl you over. The video was uploaded on February 15 by a makeup artist and it has got over 2.5 million views so far, making it viral. 

The bride, dressed in wedding finery, can be seen performing bhangra to dhol beats and having the time of her life in the video. 

“Not a usual bride, who wants this much confidence?” says the caption of the video. 

The bride has been identified as Ayushee who is also a makeup artist. She had uploaded the video on her Instagram account on February 12. “I always wanted to bring my own baarat. Ps: Not a shy bride,” she captioned the video.

Watch the video of her amazing dance performance below:

The comments section of the post was filled with appreciation for the bride.

“Finally, a bride that isn’t shy and isn’t afraid to dance and have fun. This is refreshing to see,” wrote an Instagram user. “How is she dancing in such a heavy lehenga,” commented another. “The most energetic bride,” posted a third.

What do you think about this amazing dance performance of the bride?    

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