Why Day After Halloween Is Good for Themed Wedding Decor Shopping

  • As theme weddings become more popular, couples can incorporate Halloween in decor, attire, and more.
  • For themed decor on a budget, an expert suggests heading to a Halloween store on November 1.
  • Target sells Halloween goods for up to 90% off after the holiday, and some stores sell goods for $1.

As weddings become more individualized, many couples are planning themed events.

A third of 2022 couples surveyed by wedding website The Knot included a theme in their nuptials, up 13% since the company’s 2017 survey. And unusual themes like underwater weddings and Barbiecore nuptials have been gaining popularity, according to a 2023 report from Pinterest and Zola.

In recent years, Insider has spoken to couples who have had weddings inspired by “The Greatest Showman,” “Game of Thrones,” “Harry Potter,” and even marijuana.

Others have thrown Halloween-themed weddings, taking cues from beloved seasonal classics like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to plan their nuptials, while others nod to the holiday by wearing black wedding dresses. Likewise, wedding websites like Brides and The Knot offer how-to guides on pulling off Halloween weddings.

Couples in the middle of planning their own spooky weddings should get ready to go shopping — because the best Halloween deals are coming up.

Take advantage of post-holiday sales

Those planning Halloween-inspired events have a built-in day for discount shopping: November 1.

“Do as much shopping as you can the day after Halloween,” Serinity Reynolds, who runs the popular Facebook group Halloween Weddings, told Insider.

Reynolds, who alternates using she/they pronouns, said the page began in 2019 as a place for people to discuss their spooky weddings, but it quickly evolved into a community for couples planning nontraditional weddings. It now has over 100,000 members on the platform.

Reynolds has become an expert in Halloween weddings and they often share advice with group members.

She’s partial to minimalist Halloween weddings, pointing to nuptials where couples use jack-o’-lanterns as decor or the newlyweds dress up as horror-movie characters. But no matter what style you’re going for, Reynolds recommends shopping for themed items after Halloween is over.

Halloween stores typically have massive sales on November 1 each year to clear out their inventory; according to Coupon Cabin, both Dollar Tree and Party City sell some items for as little as a dollar after Halloween, while Target has markdowns of up to 90% on Halloween decorations.

“I joke with people this time of year is when we buy all of our clothes and all of our home decor,” she said of Halloween fanatics. “This is like our Christmas.”


Spirit Halloween store.

Mary Meisenzahl/Business Insider

Go with a game plan

Reynolds also said it’s important to go post-Halloween shopping with a game plan, rather than just buying anything.

You might see things you like for general Halloween decor, but they won’t necessarily work for your wedding. For example, Reynolds suggests asking yourself while shopping if the items you like would really work for centerpieces, or in a bouquet. If the answer’s no, keep searching.

Start looking early

The discount shopping blog Krazy Coupon Lady recommends looking at Halloween sales throughout the month of October. Superstores like Target and Walmart will likely prepare for Black Friday sales by the start of November, making Halloween merchandise harder to find. 

As for where to shop, Reynolds likes Michaels for Halloween wedding decor because the store sells a wide variety of products, though they hope more companies will start rolling out products for couples planning alternative weddings. 

“I look forward to when that type of transition happens within the wedding industry, and all of this gets to be just more embraced and celebrated,” Reynolds said. “If you want to have a white traditional wedding in a church or if you want to get married in a cemetery, we’re all about just embracing weddings in an inclusive manner.”