Men, this is your grooming routine, devised by women

Dinner table conversations with friends can be quite inspiring at times, especially when you’re a beauty editor (and the only woman) dining amongst a French bread baker, a software engineer and a financial consultant—think words like dead pixels, baguettes, SIPs and eye creams doing the rounds. On one such particular evening as we scooped jollof rice off our plates, the baker asked the beauty editor if she’s written a piece on a grooming routine for men yet—“they listen more when a woman tells them.” So, gentlemen, here it is, your guide to grooming right and taking care of yourself—crowdsourced from a varied bunch of women, who, as we have it, have a lot to say. Don’t get us wrong, we love your musky presence and masculinity; but we also really love clean toenails and nourished skin. Don’t you?

Do you even moisturise?

You’ve seen it and you know it—your knees and elbows tend to get rough and drier sooner than the rest of your body. This is due to constant friction, irritation with clothing and the presence of lesser sebaceous glands (the oil-producing organs that keep our skin naturally moisturised) in these body parts. Our hands, on the other hand, are always being used, unclothed, exposed to changing weather and a lot of water—enter, dehydration. Nobody likes to see ashy joints or feel flaky hands. Nobody likes to have them either. So, keep body cream handy. And a good way to actually practise this—keeping an extremely lightweight, non-greasy little hand cream bottle on your work or side table. Try: 

Keep Cool and Soothe Lotion