Monday Haircare’s Founder Has Made Another Hair and Body Care Brand

The mind behind Monday Haircare is at it again.

Jaimee Lupton, who founded the “liquid gold” hair care business that has since gone viral and brought in hundreds of millions in sales, is bringing another brand to the U.S beauty market.

Called Osāna, the brand is meant to democratize premium body and hair care — à la Monday, but grown up, founder Jaimee Lupton said — with shampoos, conditioners, body washes and body lotions. Prices are under $10.

The success of Monday, which is also introducing bath and body stock keeping units, gave Lupton the confidence to go deeper into those categories, she said.

“We’re in 33 countries, 100 retailers, 50,000 doors and on track to do $200 million in retail sales — the momentum is great. We found traction with bringing accessible luxury to the beauty vertical,” Lupton said. “Our goal is to rethink what the Millennial and Gen Z consumers want.”

For Osāna, that includes “naturally derived body care and hair care, partnering with pure botanical extracts and a greater focus on wellness,” Lupton said. “People want to use something beautiful.”

The brand is launching across the U.S., Canada and New Zealand all at once. In the U.S. alone, that includes roughly 2,500 Walmart doors, and around 1,200 Target stores. Industry sources estimate Osāna will reach $15 million in retail sales for its first year on the market.

“It’s a testament to the relationships we’ve built with the retailers with Monday, and given that success, they’re happy to take this on as well. Consumers are looking for effective and luxe personal care products at an accessible price,” Lupton said.

Ingredients include coconut extracts and glycerin across several of the products, and the scents range from mint and cucumber to rose, cedarwood and patchouli.

The consumer for Osāna isn’t the same as Monday’s, Lupton reasoned. “This one’s more mature than Monday; it’s a similar format but a different brand ethos.”

She is still taking some strategies from her first brand’s playbook. “Our marketing strategy is tried and tested. We’ve built a huge internal content team and we do it all in-house, just to have control over our content and messaging. Content is king now,” Lupton said.

Lupton now also has a fully functioning factory in China, which she says gives her a competitive advantage. “We have heavily invested in our back end and we’ve finished our nine-floor factory in China. We make enough formulation for Monday alone to fill three Olympic-sized swimming pools every year. That’s the volume and scale we’re working on,” she said.