Side Bangs Are Making a Comeback in 2022

Middle-parted hair, curtain bangs, and full fringe have become the standard among hair trends. However, sideswept styles have slowly been making their way back into the mainstream. If you don’t find these trendy middle-parted styles as flattering for your face shape, rejoice! Side bangs and side parts are no longer considered passé.

The resurgence of side bangs in 2022 points to the fading of the supposed Gen Z vs Millenial battle of opinions when it comes to what is “cool” in hairstyles. It makes sense that the tide would turn as we slowly shift out of the Y2K/’90s fashion revival and back into our indie sleaze era, a time when side bangs on long hair and side bangs on short hair were all the rage. So if you’re a side bang fan, scroll on—your time has come!

A photo of celebrity influencer Addison Rae wearing a side part hairstyle.
(Image Source: Getty / Vivien Killilea / Stringer)

Why Side Bangs Are Coming Back

Trends are cyclical—in fashion, in hair, and in aesthetics in general. This is why there are elements of the ’70s in the ’90s, the ’90s now, and so on and so forth. Side bangs and side parts are making comeback tracks with the fact that Y2K trends are slowly fading, so naturally, we’ve moved into the early aughts.

Beyond trend, professional celebrity stylist and makeup artist Shenise Sheena says, “I feel Ike side bangs are trending again because they are flattering on any face shape or forehead size. Really, anyone can wear them. Plus, they add a little more character to your hairstyle.” This makes sense as more and more people are looking for hairstyles that fit any occasion and every face. Opting for a full fringe is a big risk, whereas a sideswept bang offers less commitment.

A photo of Emma Stone wearing a side parted hairstyle.
(Image Source: Getty / Frazer Harrison)

Side bangs are also a great option for those looking to grow out their previous fringe, or have a particular styling routine due to their hair type. “Side bangs are so versatile,” Sheena says. “They work well with any hair type. I feel like side bangs are perfect for anyone trying to grow out their bangs, or add a more youthful vibe to their look.”

Side Bang Hairstyles

If you’re ready to take the plunge and make the chop or grow your fringe to new lengths, we’ve got some side bang hairstyles for you to try.

Piecey Side Bang

Dua Lipa is serving major Posh Spice vibes with a piecey, sideswept bang and pulled-back lengths. This version of the side bang would look great on long hair as well as short.

Sideswept Bob

Sideswept glamour isn’t just for long hair. A sharp bob looks extra stunning with a severe side part.

Curly Updo With Side Fringe

Many people with curly hair think they can’t get bangs. Well, that is simply untrue. Leave it to singer-songwriter Mabel to prove that outdated theory wrong.

Classic Glam

Trend queen Addison Rae may love a middle part, but a side part definitely serves its purpose on her voluminous locks.

Piecey Pixie With Fringe

Side bangs on short hair are a must-try. Pixies can really benefit from a bit of interest around the face, and usually, the choppier the better. Model Adut Akech rocks this piecey hairstyle with ease.

Full and to the Side

Full fringes look fantastic when pushed to the side. The best part about this approach is that, when cut right, this style of side bang can also be worn forward as a full fringe.

Faux Side Bang

If you don’t have side bangs, or don’t want to commit, just fake it! A super deep side part and a bobby pin or two are all you need.

Extreme and Sleek

Side parts and side bangs don’t have to give off Hollywood glam vibes. FKA Twigs shows how you can make it your own with a creative style idea and a sleek, deep side part.

Sideswept Frizz-Free Waves

Those with frizz-prone hair will find that side-parted styles are sometimes easier to control. A sleek, deeply parted look allows you to use what you need to control your mane, without looking greasy.

Bouncy Side-Parted Blowout

If you’re still stuck in the ’90s, a fluffy blowout will look incredible with a side part. In fact, a deep side sweep really gives off that oh-so-effortless look that we’re all trying to emulate.

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