Photos with mall Santas are back in business in jackson, ms, area.

Photos with mall Santas are back in business in jackson, ms, area.

Christmas is a joyous and magical time for children of all ages.

As the famous holiday closes in, many families will make their way to local malls in the coming weeks to get a traditional photo of Santa and his helpers with their children.

The white-bearded holiday legend full of


A high school course in jewelry making inspired Tim McClelland to pursue a lifelong profession as an artisan | Business

Tim McClelland shapes an ingot of gold and alloy to make a wedding band

Tim McClelland has been making jewelry for 50 years, starting when he was 15. “It was very compelling to me,” he said. “It was really the one thing I was good at even from the beginning.”

PITTSFIELD — Tim McClelland was just a teenager


Lakeside Shopping Center adds two new tenants, sees expansions despite tough mall market | Business News

Lakeside Shopping Center is adding a new retailer and restaurant while another longtime tenant expands to a freestanding store on the property, the latest changes at the Metairie mall that’s held up better than many other shopping centers.

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry is completing construction on a new 8,800-square-foot location


The 5 Best Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Business in 2022

The 5 Best Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Business in 2022

In just two short years, the sale of moissanite engagement rings has grown to over $1 billion, making it the third most popular stone after diamonds and sapphires. As an established jewelry business owner, you’re probably doing all you can to keep up with this craze as well as all


Made in the RGV: ‘Love for makeup’ inspires woman to launch beauty business

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Wanting more in a world shut down, a college student with a love for makeup launched a beauty business during the pandemic.

Victoria Lynn Valenzuela, 21, is the owner of GlamFlutterLashes, a cosmetic shop.

Valenzuela is a


Can Fashion Resale Ever Be a Profitable Business?

Define a data driven resale strategy

When The RealReal filed to go public in the summer of 2019, its pitch to investors included a warning: “We cannot assure you that we will ever achieve or sustain profitability and may continue to incur significant losses going forward,” the company said in


How This Woman Is Creating An Innovative Business On A Brooklyn Rooftop

When people think of beauty botanical farms, they often picture fields of lavender in the south of France or palm forests in Brazil. Little do they know there’s a botanical farm growing on the rooftops of Brooklyn. This budding farm is called Brooklyn Rooftop Botanicals. Its mission? To bring


Blockchain-enabled digital fashion creates new business models for brands

Nonfungible tokens (NFT) may be disrupting the trillion-dollar fashion industry, but NFTs are just one piece of a much larger puzzle that is revolutionizing this sector. Rather, blockchain technology as a whole continues to be a game-changer for the fashion industry. 

While blockchain-based supply chains served as some of the


Tiani Body Care is a locally made new business in Dexter

Tiani Body Care is offering a unique line of products that are made with a local touch and understanding.

Violet Tiani Raterman, owner and founder, describes Tiani Body Care as a locally made, natural body care line with the primary goal of creating safe and quality household products that can


Takedown notices threaten online thrift shops as business is exploding

In January 2020, Jade Myers, a successful seller of secondhand clothes on Poshmark, came across a trove of designer swimwear and apparel at a thrift store that she knew would be a hit with her shoppers. She shelled out for dozens of pieces, prepared and photographed them, and listed them