Kerber teams up with German goalie Neuer to create new skin care line

A few years ago, Angelique Kerber and Manuel Neuer, both cerebral and celebrated German athletes in vastly different fields, discovered a common bond.

Over their careers, they have both suffered dangerous sun damage to their skin. Kerber, a three-time Grand Slam singles champion who has played more than 1,000 matches


Uni’s Refillable Body Care Line Enters Erewhon Market

Sustainable body care brand Uni has entered its first retailer, Erewhon Market — the Los Angeles County luxury supermarket chain with a cult-like following.

Launched direct-to-consumer in February 2022 by tech entrepreneur Alexandra Keating, Uni will be found in all eight locations. After three years in development, following a $4


Brad Pitt’s New Skin Care Line Inspired by Wine: What Experts Think

Brad Pitt’s New Skin Care Line Inspired by Wine: What Experts ThinkShare on Pinterest
Brad Pitt’s new genderless skin care line claims it can help people age like fine wine with products made from natural ingredients such as grapeseed extracts. Christoph Soeder/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • Brad Pitt has launched a new genderless skin care line with ingredients, including grape seeds

Brad Pitt is breaking into beauty with genderless skin care line

Brad Pitt is breaking into the world of beauty.

The collection, called Le Domaine Skincare, includes an exciting lineup of products that are all vegan, gender-neutral and designed to slow down signs of aging.

“Derived of Science and Terroir to be one with both Nature and your own nature. This


Model Marianne Fonseca Launches New Brazilian Body Care Line Gente

Matteo Prandoni/

After two decades of modeling, Marianne Fonseca knew her next move needed to involve honoring the place she came from, Brazil, and she found a beautiful way to pay homage with her newly-launched body care line.

“I wanted to do something of course after modeling and people kept


The New Tatcha Hinoki Body Care Line Is SO Good

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Is the $630 skincare line worth it?

  • Kim Kardashian’s new skincare brand, SKKN, promises rejuvenation for a nourishing at-home routine.
  • The latest celebrity line includes nine products costing a total of $630.
  • Dermatologists weigh in on which products could be worth the money — and which aren’t.

First, there was KKW Beauty and Skims. Now, Kim Kardashian 


Kim Kardashian Is Already Facing Backlash Over Her Skin-Care Line, SKKN by Kim

Kim Kardashian’s newly announced skin-care line, SKKN by Kim, is facing controversy over its name.

On June 1, Kardashian, who struggles with psoriasis, introduced her first round of products as “a rejuvenating nine-product skin-care ritual” with “refillable packaging, and clean, science-backed ingredients designed to nourish all skin types, tones, and


Kim Kardashian Launches a 9-Step Skin Care Line

CALABASAS, Calif. — “I’ll try anything,” Kim Kardashian said last month during an interview in her enormous office here. It houses a photo studio, a showroom, a video room, offices for staff, her personal office, a glam room (where she gets ready for shoots), a model glam room (where models


De Pere couple develop Favoryt, an all-natural hair and skin care line

De Pere couple develop Favoryt, an all-natural hair and skin care line

Josh Woods of De Pere had a problem. After struggling with a dry, itchy beard and trying product after product on the market, nothing seemed to work. His wife, Amy, joined him in trying to find a solution.

“Josh is a welder by trade,” Amy said. “He went bald at