The New Tatcha Hinoki Body Care Line Is SO Good

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Over the course of the past 13 years, J-beauty brand Tatcha amassed quite the A-list following. Meghan Markle, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian (pretty much the superstar trifecta) all swear by the brand’s facial-care products, as do a number of the editors here on team Well+Good (… who are less famous, but still worth mentioning). And now, the brand is bringing its magic into a new line of forest-inspired body care that’s meant to calm both your skin and your mind.

On September 6, Tatcha launched its “Forest Awakening Ritual,” which contains three products meant to nourish skin from head to toe: Hinoki Body Wash ($40), Hinoki Body Oil ($58), and Hinoki Body Milk ($48).

Hinoki, the star ingredient of the line, is a type of cypress plant native to Japan and is often referred to as “King of the Woods.” When its oil is used in skin care, it locks in moisture to leave your complexion soft and supple. The formulas blend hinoki with cedar and Hiba essential oils, and the scent will mentally transport you to a relaxing forest and bust stress in the process.

Essentially, Tatcha has found a way to take the Japanese practice of “Forest Bathing” (or shinrin yoku) and bottle it up so that you can reap its benefits in the shower. The practice—which involves immersing your five senses in nature—has been scientifically proven to ease stress, reduce anxious thoughts, improve concentration, and more. Forest-inspired skin care, then, harnesses these elements to soothe both your mind and skin.

“Forest skin care—[which is] inspired by the Japanese tradition of walking through forests for stress reduction—is buzzing,” Annie Jackson, co-founder and COO of Credo Beauty previously told Well+Good. “So brands are adapting medicinal ingredients that you’d find in a forest to boost your skin’s immunity and promote stress relief.”

Sounds dreamy, right? Keep scrolling to shop the products for yourself. We’re willing to bet it’s only a matter of time before they’ve been solidified as A-list favorites, too.

Explore and shop the Tatcha Hinoki body-care line

Tatcha Hinoki Body Wash

Tatcha Hinoki Body Wash — $40.00

Start your ritual with this exfoliating body wash. It’s made with cellulose, the main constituent of plant cell walls, which gently slough off dead skin (and are an eco-friendly alternative to microplastic beads). Plus, one whiff of its fresh, woodsy scent will elevate your mood.

Tatcha Hinoki Body Oil

Tatcha Hinoki Body Oil — $58.00

Apply this lightweight oil to your skin either while you’re in the shower or as soon as you get out and feel it sink in fast. It won’t leave your skin greasy, but it will moisturize, seal in hydration, and soften dry patches.

Tatcha Hinoki Body Milk

Tatcha Hinoki Body Milk — $48.00

This light, milky lotion renews dry skin and strengthens your moisture barrier. In addition to the forest-awaken oil blend, this lotion is made with peach tree leaf extract, which is known to renew dry skin for a smoother, healthy-looking complexion; and plant-derived squalane, a mega-moisturizing oil that naturally exists in the skin’s lipid barrier.

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