The 5 Cardinal Rules Of Body Care, According To Leading Skin Experts

With winter nearly behind us, it’s time to start planning ahead for spring. Which means putting in place the perfect body care routine, so that when we’re finally able to hike up our hems and shorten our sleeves, our bodies will glow like J Lo’s. 

Whether you’re a skinimalist or 10-stepper, by now most people will have their face routines down. However, chances are your body might not receive quite the same level of attention as your visage. Which isn’t surprising given the last two years of back-to-back Zooms and poor weather. But the time has come – so what does the perfect body care routine look like? 

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Compared to your face, the skin on your body can withstand more powerful products and treatments. This is due to a difference in thickness. “The primary difference to the skin on our body versus our face is the thickness, the level of padding of fat cells and its microbiome,” says Diane Ackers, skin expert for Doctors Formula Cosmeceuticals. “Your face skin tends to be thinner than the rest of your body as it has a finer subcutaneous fat layer than the body.” 

Finding the right treatment for your skin depends on your skin concern. For example, microneedling can be used on the body to reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose skin and give it a smoother appearance. “It also works to reduce hyperpigmentation and stretch marks by boosting collagen and elastin production,” says Dr Baldeep Farmah, aesthetic doctor at Dr Aesthetica. However, if you’re looking to improve skin brightness, Farmah recommends body peels, which contain a higher percentage of active ingredients than those in face peels and work to remove the outer layer of dead skin, which can contribute to dullness. 

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“Laser or IPL can be useful for targeting sun spots or broken vessels on the chest,” says Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at 55 Harley Street. Meanwhile, Dr Marco Nicoloso from facial aesthetics clinic Ouronyx recommends a course of Profhilo. “It is a great option to improve hydration, skin texture and quality,” he explains.

But the best way to take care of your body, in conjunction with these treatments, is to start at home with a good daily routine. From body serums to dry brushing, here are the five rules of body care you need to know, according to the experts.

Dry body brushing to improve circulation

The first step in your body care routine should be investing in a good dry body brush. This, says Mahto, helps to improve blood flow, stimulate the skin and remove surface debris. It can also help prevent blockages caused by excessive oil and sweat build up in the pores. Take a brush with firm natural bristles and move it in circular, clockwise motions around your body, using more pressure in areas where the skin is thick. Do as Gwyneth does.