These Haircuts Are Going To Dominate Fall 2022

The hottest summer hair trend, the Botticelli bob has been everywhere during the summer of 2022, and it looks like this texture-focused, wavy bob will still be super trendy during fall. “The Botticelli bob is perfect for the ‘on-the-go woman’ because you can prepare it at night and get up in the morning, take out the braids, run your hands through and be on your way,” Anthony Cole, an international hairstylist, told Glamour.

We know how busy the fall season can get. Whether you’ll be moving into your dorm and starting up the fall semester on campus, taking your kids pumpkin picking with their friends, or getting up extra early to wait in line for a pumpkin spice latte before your commute to work, autumn can get very hectic. Thus, this trendy yet low-maintenance, semi-short haircut is perfect for fall.

For more proof that the Botticelli bob can be just as fitting for fall as it is for summer, you can see this haircut in hair colors that scream fall on Instagram. For instance, when you search #redbob on Instagram, you can scroll through to find a copper Botticelli bob and even a more vibrant red Botticelli bob. Moreover, try searching #brownbob on Instagram, where you’ll see lots of brunettes rocking the Botticelli bob — whether you have red, brown, or warm blond locks, the Botticelli bob is fun and an easy option for fall 2022.