Why I’m Wearing Skirts Over Pants This Fall (Yes, Really)

Inspired by these new approaches to styling a skirt, I decided it would be the perfect way to baby-step into rocking one—so this week I set off to find my very first skirt. I knew I wanted to channel the dressier vibe demonstrated at Dion Lee, so I decided on this black pleated skirt, pairing it with my go-to black dress pants. To lean into minimalism, I finished it off with a black tee and black leather blazer—and the end result was surprisingly fresh. The skirt detail added just enough visual interest to my otherwise simple outfit without it being a blatant statement. I needed a second opinion, though, so I headed out to my local Starbucks for a test-drive. Grabbing my iced pumpkin spiced latte (yes, I’m basic), I asked my favorite barista what she thought of the polarizing skirt-pant combo. “Honestly, it’s a slay,” she said of my look. “You’re giving what needs to be given.”

Test-driving a skirt over pantsPhoto: Courtesy of Christian Allaire

Any fears I had of rocking a skirt out in public (a weird side glance, perhaps, or a dramatic head turn) did not occur on my caffeine walk. I love that a monochromatic approach to the look makes it barely noticeable; there’s a subtle cool factor. And now that I’ve gotten over my skirt apprehension, I’ve begun thinking of other new ways to wear it this fall. I could truly channel Y2K style by throwing a denim miniskirt over jeans. Or I’m into the idea of a pleated plaid Chopova skirt over cargo pants. Hell, I’m even ready to just wear a skirt on its own. Turns out they’re not that scary—promise.