2023 Wedding Trends For Dresses, Gifts, & Decor, According To Experts

You said “yes” in 2022, which means you may be saying “I do” in 2023. Before you walk down the aisle, you’ve got to plan the big day, and this upcoming year is set to be a big one for weddings. While planning your celebration can be overwhelming, you can make sure your big day stands out by taking note of the biggest 2023 wedding trends, ensuring that your event is not only special but memorable as well.

While you can still reference the Pinterest board you’ve been curating since you first knew your partner was the one, it might also help to consider things like 2023 wedding color trends or even the wedding dress trends you’ll notice in stores while shopping this year. For everything from floral decor to foodie-approved dishes, Elite Daily reached out to the wedding experts from Zola, Pinterest, Etsy, and The Knot to provide you with the top wedding trends of 2023.

This list can be useful if you haven’t planned anything or you just need some inspiration on an area of your ceremony or reception you haven’t thought of yet. Zola reports that “2023 couples have been inspired to differentiate their weddings from those of the past two years,” so you can expect a lot of unique wedding trends in the new year. These trendy and different ceremonies mean that even if you’re just playing the role of bridesmaid or plus one, you can get excited about all the wedding invites you’ll receive in 2023.


Keep It Casual And Less Traditional

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Considering 2020 pushed back many wedding and made it even harder to book certain venues, some couples been waiting years to make it official. While waiting, they’ve seen enough weddings to know they want theirs to “feel even less ‘traditional,’” according to Zola. One way to switch it up is to plan a more casual ceremony.

Zola shared that 50% of couples they polled are choosing to have a friend or family member officiate their ceremony to make it more unique. Many Millennials and Gen Zers also revealed they’re prioritizing “having a fun party with their loved ones,” so ditch tradition for what you and your partner will enjoy the most.


Go To Social Media For Inspo

In line with a less traditional wedding, Zola also shared that many couples are turning to social media — specifically TikTok — for inspo. Even if you’re not looking for decor or bach party ideas, the site revealed that almost half of their couples went to their TikTok FYP for a “much-needed mental break.” If you’re feeling stressed from wedding planning, just open up TikTok.


Keep Budgets High Despite Inflation

It’s no secret that inflation is kicking everyone’s butt. While keeping things budget-friendly is always a good idea, Zola shared that inflation “has not changed overall budgets or wedding guest counts.” This just means that couples are still spending the money on things that matter most to them, while getting thrifty with everything else.

Actually, instead of decreasing budgets, Esther Lee, Deputy Editor of The Knot, shares that “of the one-third of couples that said they are making changes to their budgets as a result of the economy, 67% have increased their wedding budgets.” If you need help sticking with your budget, The Knot actually offers some services that could be helpful like their “smart budget tool” and The Knot’s Savings Program.

Lee also shared, “The first and, frankly, most important tip we suggest is setting your budget and then evaluating your budget throughout the wedding planning process.” For some additional tips, she says to plan a wedding in off season and “start planning as soon as you can” to take advantage of the best deals.

Speaking of budgets, the one area that Zola says is worth the splurge to couples in 2023 is on memories. While you may want to keep it casual with a less traditional wedding, you don’t want to skip out on hiring a good photographer. The day may fly by but those pics you get for the ‘Gram are forever. Another way couples are splurging on memories is by choosing “their ideal venue.” After all, you want the perfect backdrop for your snaps, TikToks, and Insta Reels of the big day.


As you prioritize your venue and photographer, Zola shares that a 2023 wedding trend for couples is to upcycle or thrift their wedding looks. If you have a dream dress in mind, this could mean that you get a secondhand veil or have your bridal party choose outfits they already have in their closet that match your color palette.


Host Budget-Friendly Bach Parties

Speaking of your bridal party, Zola reports that in 2023, couples are choosing to have more budget-friendly supplementary events like the bach parties and bridal showers. Ways to cut costs include choosing to host something close to home and making it a one day thing versus a weekend or even week-long event with matching outfits planned for each day. Choosing something more meaningful that speaks to you and your best friends is the way to go, because memories really are the wedding theme of 2023.


Add Cash Funds To The Registry

Staying on money, Zola also reports that 81% of couples have added cash funds to their registries. This is not only easy for guests who have a hard time picking out gifts, but it can also help you fund things like your wedding, honeymoon, and future home. It can be as simple as adding a Venmo to your wedding site. Even guests who can’t make it to the ceremony can contribute.

According to Zola, those dream wedding venues are going to be outdoors in 2023. The site shared that 81% of couples are looking for “completely outdoor or covered outdoor venues.” Think farms and barns, which have also been popular searches for 2023 wedding venue trends.

Lee shares, “Many couples are also interested in natural wedding venues — ones that either spotlight a natural surrounding environment (gorgeous mountain peaks or fog misting against the Pacific Coastal Redwoods).” This natural wedding venue trend also includes decor that brings “the outdoors in with slabs of wood, neutrals, and textures.”

For outdoor weddings, Lee also mentioned that couples are getting creative with their tents. “We’ve been seeing stunning greenhouse structures built overnight, taking outdoor weddings to a new whole level.”


Decide On Moody Color Palettes


As far as wedding color trends for 2023, Zola shares that moody is the vibe most couples are going for. This includes darker and jewel tone shades like plum, emerald, gold, and burgundy. Just like Taylor Swift has moved on from “Red” to “Maroon,” so have 2023 couples. “Pantone just released its 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta,” Lee says, adding “This is often in line with popular, emerging color tones,” and the red hue falls into the jewel tone category.

This moody moment also means couples are choosing more dramatic and cinematic photographers. Think more Wednesday Addams than Enid Sinclair from Wednesday.


Go With Contrasting Colors For A Duality Theme

Perhaps you vibe with both Wednesday and Enid from Wednesday. If that’s the case, Etsy shares that their colors of the year in 2023 will be indigo and honeycomb. “The concept of duality is emerging as a key theme for 2023,” according to Etsy, and these two colors are “all about embracing contrast and exploring opposites.” Since your wedding is bringing two families together, you may want to go with this duality theme and choose contrasting colors.

Etsy says the reason they chose indigo and honeycomb is “indigo carries with it both a high-impact and futuristic tone, while honeycomb lights up a room and reminds us to appreciate and protect the intelligence of nature that exists all around us.” With the release of RM from BTS’ debut solo album, Indigo, it seems the blue and violet hue will be popular not only with wedding colors but also ARMY as well.


Incorporate Rust Shades

For some brighter wedding colors, Pinterest is predicting that rust shades will be popping off in the new year. Whether it’s your bridal party attire or floral arrangements, think orange. The search for a burnt orange wedding theme has increased on Pinterest over 695% with terracotta wedding bridesmaid dresses and orange wedding centerpieces also growing in popularity.

While destination-inspired ceremonies was a wedding trend for 2022, it seems couples are staying close to home in 2023. Zola shares that a third “of couples are concerned about current travel industry troubles” and so “55% are choosing a venue local to where they currently live.” This just means you can choose a venue that’s even more meaningful to you and your partner, while also saving some money.


Have Relatable Food On The Menu

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It’s always a good idea to have fun with your wedding menu, especially if you’re a foodie. While a donut display or mashed potato bar is Insta-worthy, Zola shares that couples are choosing to have more foods that “nod to couples’ hometowns and heritages.” According to Lee, local produce will also be popular as sustainability remains important for weddings in the new year. Choosing local food that means something to you can also make your ceremony more intimate.

Also, staying on the casual trend, Zola reports that pizza is trending for 2023 as well, and some couples are even ordering their fave fast food for the after party. If you’ve got Taco Bell at your party, I am there.


Try Some Airy Fashion Details

Pinterest also believes 2023 will be the year for airy fashion. That means you may want to look for a dress or outfit that has some gorgeous lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer. Lean into this ethereal vibe for all wedding attire, like shimmery bridesmaid dresses or “details like sheer sleeves, cutouts, and one shoulder necklines,” according to Lee.

The Knot’s Deputy Editor also mentioned Bridgerton, saying, “With the rising popularity of period dramas such as Bridgerton, bridal gloves are also a growing trend.” In fact, she mentioned that “nearly every Bridal Fashion Week collection included gloves, pushing gloves as a main-stay accessory.”


Have Your Meet Cute Moment With Rom-Com Core

If you haven’t noticed from Gen Z fashion, the 2000s are back. The early aughts were a time when rom-coms dominated, so it makes total sense that Pinterest is saying rom-com core will be big in 2023. You may want to incorporate this trend into your wedding day. After all, it is like the happy ending to your very own romantic comedy.

Rewatch your fave movies for inspiration. For instance, try finding a similar dress to Kate Hudson’s in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days for your reception or play music from the Legally Blonde soundtrack. You could even add rhinestones to your wedding centerpieces for a very 2000s feel. “Early 2000s rom-coms and ‘90s flicks are sprouting as a bach party trend too,” according to Lee.


Go With Some ‘80s Glam Accessories

If you prefer to go a little further back than just the 2000s, Johnson shares that ‘80s glam will also be a wedding trend in 2023. The trend expert revealed the nostalgic decade is a reaction against the more minimalistic weddings of the past two years: “This trend celebrates epic proportions and having fun with your look: think statement sleeves, high necks, and all the volume.”

For some ideas, look back at Princess Diana’s wedding. For “maximalist receptions,” opt for “multi-tiered cakes and larger-than-life floral displays,” if it’s in your budget.


Go With “More Is More” Channelling Barbiecore

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Jumping on the maximalist trend of ‘80s glam, Lee also mentions that Barbiecore has been a popular aesthetic recently and it’s not going anywhere. “We’re also seeing a rise in the Barbiecore aesthetic,” she says. “The aesthetic is all about harnessing Barbie’s true essence and leaning into a vibrant, maximalist vibe” with “bright color palettes and a general ‘more is more’ meets neon philosophy.”


Include Mocktails On The Menu

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Having special drinks on the menu instead of an open bar is an easy way to save some money. It’s also another way to have your menu be unique to you, as you can choose drinks you and your partner love.

Be sure to add at least one mocktail into the mix. Pinterest predicts that free spirits will be a 2023 drink trend with more people choosing to go alcohol-free without skipping on the Insta-worthiness. Garnish your wedding mocktails with something fun like fancy ice cubes or edible flowers.


Add Floral Garnishes To Desserts

Speaking of edible flowers, Pinterest also shares that floral food will be big in 2023. Examples of the apothecary aesthetic include wildflower cupcakes and daisy treats. Instead of spending a ton of money on actual flowers, just have a dessert table that’s blooming.

Have you been keeping an eye on the red carpets lately? If you have, you may have noticed cape dresses are growing in popularity. Hello, Florence Pugh in a pink, sheer cape. Feeding into both the airy fashion and non-traditional wedding trends mentioned above, Johnson says, “Capes are rising in popularity as a great veil alternative for non-traditional brides who still want to add the elegance that a veil brings.”

Lee agrees, “Veils are a traditional staple, but for those looking for a different look, wedding capes are another popular wedding dress trend.” When looking for your wedding attire, try to find a cape dress or choose a detachable cape or cape topper to go with the dress you already have.


Take Inspo From The White Lotus For Wedding Villas

After watching The White Lotus Season 2, you may be ready for an Italian vacay. Instead of jet-setting after the wedding, why not choose a venue inspired by the show? The Knot’s Lee shares that “villas, in particular, is the buzzword among global wedding planners as Italy has become one of the top destinations for international weddings.” If it’s within your budget, plan a wedding at Quentin’s villa or the villa Daphne and Harper stay at in The White Lotus.


Start Saving A Little Each Month

A budget-friendly wedding trend Lee has noticed is that “couples are now leaning on technology to proactively save for the wedding.” For example, they’ll automate savings each month to prepare for wedding costs by putting a certain percentage of their take-home pay each month into a savings account. Even if it’s just a small percentage, that amount can make a huge difference when your wedding day rolls around.


Decide On An Aesthetic Rather Than A Theme

As far as 2023 wedding themes go, Lee shares that “couples are embracing aesthetics over wedding themes” altogether. It’s more about the vibe. One example of this is that couples are choosing to sprinkle “entomology-inspired motifs throughout their weddings as opposed to having strictly butterfly-themed weddings.”


Gift An Experiential Wedding Present

For anyone invited to a wedding this year, Lee shares that aside from kitchen appliances and storage containers, experiential gifts are going to be big in 2023. Some fun ideas for adventurous couples include a dinner cruise, Northern Lights trip, or foodie tour.


Throw A Themed Bach Party

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If everyone is on board, Lee revealed that themed bachelorette parties are going to be big in 2023. Some ideas she shared include western bach parties like disco cowgirl, a pajama party, a Friends-themed bash, and her fave, a coastal granddaughters party inspired by the Nancy Meyers’ coastal grandmother aesthetic.

Lee adds, “With the popularity of Wednesday, I can see this theme also surging in popularity in 2023 as an extension of the nightluxe aesthetic, which was buzzy in 2022. Between Savannah and Salem, there are plenty of spots for groups to explore to make Wednesday Addams proud.”

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