31 Best Jewelry Brands Worth Shopping in 2024

Jewelry can do more than just complete an outfit; it can tell stories and be worn as a talisman for protection or good vibes. The best jewelry brands get that, and the list of designers and labels we curated reflect and appreciate this layered mindset. Classic fine jewelry brands like Cartier, Bulgari, and Tiffany & Co. will always be around, but they’re not your only options—in fact, a few of the best affordable jewelry brands have also made it into this edit. From celebrity-loved gold hoops from Mejuri to high-quality diamond engagement rings, there’s plenty of shine to go around.

How to shop for jewelry online?

Shopping for jewelry often starts with your budget. Smaller, everyday styles can be bought on impulse, but if you’re really considering the materials and craftsmanship along with the overall aesthetic, we brought you options to try. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Demi-fine jewelry: Think of this category as the jewelry equivalent of your wardrobe essentials: versatile, endlessly wearable, and well-made. The pieces tend to be crafted from either 14-karat gold or 18-karat-gold-plated vermeil and are available at more attainable price points, typically $100 to $500. (You’ll find plenty of great gift ideas here.)
  • Affordable jewelry: Looking for everyday jewelry that won’t stress you out if it goes missing and won’t dent your wallet? Consider affordable jewelry, priced between $50 and $300. These pieces create a stylish foundation and complement high-end items such as diamonds or watches.
  • Fine jewelry: Getting engaged and looking for a ring? Celebrating a milestone? Want to put your bonus check to good use? Spend some time looking for pieces of jewelry here—there’s everything from statement charm necklaces to stunning gold rings with intricate diamond settings.
  • Fashion jewelry: Also known as costume jewelry. This category can have a bad rep for being of poor quality, but the brands here are raising the bar with unique designs and offbeat material choices. The result? Colorful, campy pieces that are a whole mood.
  • Lab-grown diamonds: A lot of the brands on this list already have sustainability practices baked into their process—either by producing locally, ethically sourced stones, or using recycled or reclaimed materials (or a combination of all). A few are taking it a step further and focusing solely on lab-grown diamonds. Get to know them below.

Our top jewelry brand picks by category