Bowling Green woman’s $6K ring given to wrong customer

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky (WKRN) — A Kentucky woman is searching high and low and on social media after a jeweler’s mixup left her without her $6,000 ring.

Jessica Piper and her family live in Muhlenberg County and dropped the ring off at a Kay Jewelers in Bowling Green for repairs. When her husband went to pick it up, it was not there. An employee had reportedly given it to a man who had come in to claim his ring​​.

“It’s devastating. And no amount of money, no ring, will ever compare in the head to the sentimental value of this ring. So, it’s pretty awful,” Piper said.

The trail did not end there. The man who received Jessica’s ring said he had already broken up with the woman it was for. He sold it via a Snapchat account he no longer had access to, and the trail hit a dead end.

“I’ve involved the place and I’ve talked to several different cops, and they seem to be working on it. And one of the officers suggested make out a social media said it could be my best friend,” Piper said.

Now, Piper is spreading the word on social media, asking people to look out for her ring. She said she has received a few leads and hopes to be reunited with the ring soon.

“So far, I’ve had several people message me and they’ll send me screenshots, or they have gotten on Marketplace and seen a big ring. And they’ll send me screenshots like, ‘Hey, is this your ring?’ And I’ll follow up and be like, ‘No, I’m so sorry. I wish it was.’”

Kay Jewelers released the following statement to News 2:

“At Kay Jewelers we have a saying that if there’s a problem, we own it. We, too, were deeply disappointed to learn that a different customer received Mrs. Piper’s ring, and we are doing everything possible to make it up to her – and, to make sure this never happens again. We will continue to work with Mrs. Piper until she is satisfied.”

Bowling Green police said the investigation is still open. Anyone who recognizes the ring is asked to contact Bowling Green Police, or Piper directly through Facebook Messenger.