Here’s how to start planning a wedding on the right note

Once you and your significant other decide on getting engaged the next stage is to arrange the entire wedding. But when exactly should you begin to plan? The answer would be at least nine to ten months in advance because many things must fall in place. Right from making a hotel reservation to checking in, and wedding décor to your outfits; several things could go wrong. Therefore, here are a few things you should take into account before jetting out to your idyllic destination to wed the love of your life.

Here’s how to start planning a wedding on the right note

1. The right season and right location

Of course, you should select the location that best suits you, but you also need to ensure that you make your decision at the appropriate moment. If you’re considering Udaipur, Goa, or Bali, you should book well in advance because those hotels and resorts rarely have a large number of empty rooms, and even when they do, they fill up quickly. It’s also important to check the local weather and determine whether it’s peak tourist season, as the latter will result in faster room occupancy and higher prices.

2. Ahead of time wedding invites

No matter how thrilling it may sound, unless it’s a private wedding and you don’t want to inform anyone, your wedding date shouldn’t be kept a secret. To acquire the greatest airline deals and give people enough time to make their own travel plans, you should educate your invitees in advance about the venue and times. Send your loved ones a “save the date” invitation for the same.

3. Create a budget

Budgeting is a crucial component of planning. You must set a budget for your nuptials far in advance before you spend any savings for the special day. Make sure the hotel you chose is affordable, even for other attendees. Even if a sojourn isn’t pricey, a lot of elements, such as décor, food, DJ, and other things, can influence the budget and take you overboard.

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