How To Repurpose Wedding Decor Into Your Home’s Decor

Pressed flower art, preserving flowers in resin, and dried flowers are all projects perfect for your wedding and home decor. Not only can you preserve memories in whatever fashion you’d like, but you can use flower art to add a natural touch to your interiors.

Shannon Morrow, founder and lead designer of Arvo Floral Studio, told Brides, “My No. 1 tip for someone who wants to preserve their flowers is to decide what way will be most practical and can be easily implemented into your home. Deciding on an option that will result in a piece of art that can be displayed in your home year-round is truly the best option for couples wanting to have everlasting enjoyment.” Pressed flowers look great in clear glass frames, and some of the most popular flowers used in weddings today are great candidates for this style of art, either as full flowers or just petals. Shrub roses are thinner-petaled, wild roses that press well and look great in bouquets (via Mary Murray’s Flowers). You can press flowers from home in several different ways. Place them carefully between heavy books and wax paper, plunge them into silica beads, or dry them in the microwave (via Popular Science).

This art can also take the form of flowers in resin, perhaps standing alone or in some time of usable craft such as coasters or a picture frame. While many flowers typically used in wedding floral designs are bulkier heads that do not press well, dried floral bouquets are popular for wedding flowers. To dry your flowers, hang the bouquets upside down somewhere dry for about a week. Then, they can be used in a vase or to decorate a wreath.