How to use White in an exquisite way for your wedding

A wedding in all white sounds so lovely and idyllic. An all-white wedding is unquestionably elegant and classic, which is why it has been a popular choice for couples for so long. White may be used for so many different things. You can choose to use white flowers at the mandap, white tableware on the buffets, and white outfits for your bridesmaids. Additionally, in terms of white wedding decorations, it need not always need to read formal and conventionally as is frequently done. In order to inspire you, we have included some quirky, amusing ideas that are all white.

Have a look at these 4 ideas that will inspire you to use White in an exquisite way for your wedding.


1. White wedding décor

When it came time for them to get married these days, the majority of celebrities opted for a white colour scheme. Everyone wants to get their hands on classic white beauty for their wedding décor, from the huge wall flower to the table setting, centrepieces, and white ceiling decor. You can choose to stick with a single flower to make an unexpected impact on its own, or you can mix and match white flowers of various textures and even add foliage!

2. White varmala 

The varmala or jaimala ceremony has seen the progression of the varmala from the simple yet lovely blooms to some delightfully refreshing patterns, one of which is unquestionably our favorite—incorporating white in the wedding look. The delicate and lightweight white jaimala designs are now generating the most buzz due to how effortlessly they complement a couple’s wedding attire.

white cake

3. White wedding cake

the most recent trend in wedding cakes is also the oldest one right now: white wedding cakes are back in style! Finding beauty in an unexpected place is such a wonderful experience, especially when it involves exquisite white cake creations made with colourful floral treats. White wedding cakes are undoubtedly the finest option to bring a touch of elegance to your wedding, whether you choose understated, elegant white wedding cakes or extravagant, showy white wedding cakes.


4. White bride and groom outfits

Numerous couples have experimented with their wedding attire and established significant outfit goals. We’ve already seen it, from pastels to matching couple outfits. But there’s something about couples dressed in white that conveys a higher level of sophistication. Brides are choosing white and ivory colour for their wedding attire, especially their bridal lehengas, shattering every orthodoxy associated to the colour white in Indian tradition. They are nailing their looks, and the groom is doing the same.

These fashionable ideas add subtlety and beauty to the setup of a modern Indian wedding.

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