Indian wedding trends that are reshaping the wedding industry

Indian Weddings are all about grandeur, from rich, picturesque decor to culture-rich activities full of pomp and revelry. Indian While there are still certain constraints, weddings are appearing a little different with curated guest lists but with destination parties and huge design moments like before. Following the trends, many couples have moved their focus to personalize and enhance the guest experience.

Here we bring you the top 4 Indian wedding trends of 2022.

intimate wedding

1. Intimate weddings

While some continue to hold extravagant weddings, others have learned to appreciate the intimacy of a micro-wedding. Couples are choosing private gatherings with their closest friends and family, while the rest are given a link to practically attend the wedding online. It is not only cost-effective, but it also provides the couple with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the most significant day of their lives with those who truly matter.

2.Focus on personalization

Couples and families these days are deciding to take the customization and personalization process a bit further in order to design an event that feels truly unique to them in addition to making the celebration more unforgettable. Couples go above and beyond to add a touch of uniqueness to the big day, from the location itself to subtle things that will make their guests feel extra special.

food that conveys story

3. Food that conveys your story

Weddings are becoming more private and niche and the cuisine we know and line for at wedding counters is rapidly changing as well. People are yearning for international cuisines. Many people choose Asian food, keeping in mind the vegan part, which is now believed by people as a healthy choice that they want to present at a wedding. They are also using a  wonderful way to connect which is to include dishes or elements from your love journey, such as your first meeting, first anniversary, favourite eateries, or a favourite trip.


4. Sustainability

We are completely enamoured with the trend of sustainability. Green wedding ideas abound these days, with more eco-friendly wedding décor on the available and greener options for food, invites, and other services. Couples are focusing more on a celebration where the duo also seeks to minimize the event’s environmental impact.

These are among the best current and forthcoming wedding trends, hand-picked to give you an unforgettable event.

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