Leo season beauty, finance and fitness 2022 trends

Welcome to Leo Season, the time of the year where we feel the greatest heat of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

As we feel the sizzling spice of life, we will be eager to step forward and embrace what makes us passionate, authentic and unique. The mighty Sun will become ignited in the kingdoms of Leo from July 22 until August 22. Leo is symbolized by the Lion and embodies our passionate desire to express our egos.

This Fire sign encourages us to step into the spotlight, embrace our child-like nature and show the world what makes us special. Leo also rules romance, art, children, performance, recreation, sports and hobbies—the things that fill our lives with joy. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign on the wheel, known as a Fixed sign. This helps us to proudly pursue our desires with great confidence.

Ruled by the Sun, the luminary of consciousness, Leos crave to live boldly and vividly. Take a deep dive into global trends and predictions for what’s hot—and what’s not in Fashion, Music, Fitness, Hair, & Finance (Cryptocurrency & NFTs!), Beauty, Culture, Travel, Social Impact and Film for Leo Season 2022! Do not miss it! Be sure to follow me, all my favs and everything in pop culture astrology to stay in the know!

In honor of Leo season, I partnered with celebrity YouTube star Joey Graceffa for a super fun video. Check it out before you dive into the trends!


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WHAT’S IN for Women’s & Men’s Fashion: We are in the throes of summer as we welcome fiery Leo Season alongside this summer’s hottest trend: Barbiecore!  Sunny days, bright neon colors, bold and chunky prints pave the way for Leo season and this trend. Barbiecore kicked off with the production for the movie Barbie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the famous couple.  They rocked wild colors and sizzling prints in iconic matching outfits true to Leo’s daring nature. But Barbiecore gained momentum long before the cameras started rolling this summer! We saw Barbie’s favorite color, pink, all over the Fall 2022 runways including Valentino’s entire fall collection that blasted the runways this color. Pink is fun and playful just like your favorite Leo and just like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the premiere of MGK’s Life in Pink!  Even if you don’t love pink, grab your favorite bright colors and summery prints to embrace your inner Leo. Roar into Barbiecore like our me, a Leo Sun!


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WHAT’S IN: “I’m building my own foundation, you won’t break my Soul.” This month’s pick is The Queen B. We are in the season of Leo personified by Kyle Thomas’s hallmark attributes “fiery, courageous, royal, & regal” exemplified in Beyonce’s quasi 90’s Pop House single  (which Samples Robin S. as well as Big Freedia) dominating the charts. Empowerment and taking control of one’s destiny are the hallmarks of the story. This is a woman who’s been there and done that. “Release the stress!” Go B!


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WHAT’S IN: Here’s your Leo season fitness tip: Push Up To Reach. This is a great movement to get your full body moving, engaging everything from your abs to your glutes, as well as getting your body more athletic and out of your chair! Enjoy!

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Don has previously spoken with the New York Post in regards to being a superhero trainer for mega stars such as Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively.

Women’s Hair Trends

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Leo season hair trends
Check out Leo season hair trends! Model: @saydisaydi Hair: @brandonliberati & @vickicasciola

WHAT’S IN: Be bold as a lion and dare to wear your hair naturally. Air hair is this summer’s hottest trend, so put away those flat irons and let those wild curls show your self-confidence. Go bold and cut some curly fringe. Talk to your hairstylist about clip-in bangs from HairTalk—they are a great option if you’re not ready to commit (we custom colored them for our model shown above). Make sure your hair is your “mane” attraction this Leo season!

Men’s Grooming & Hair Trends

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Leo men's trends
Check out your Leo season men’s grooming trends!
Getty Images

Summer is hot and steamy but nothing is more fiery than the month of Leo.  August is the perfect month for romance, creativity and relaxation and what better way to find them than going on vacation?

With Leo being the dynamic leader, take control of your packing and pack your Dopp Kit—full with essential grooming and hair products.

 Five Essentials to Pack in Your Dopp Kit:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Deodorant
  4. Sunblock
  5. Hair Styling Paste

Kristan Serafino has recently worked with Ryan Reynolds, Danny Devito, Sir Kenneth Branagh and Richard Gere!

Beauty & Make-Up

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WHAT’S IN: Leo season is in full swing! To harness the energy of this fiery and courageous sign, douse yourself in one of its birthstones: Peridot. Accentuate your eyes by applying shades of Peridot as eye shadow all over your eyes and finish it off with a pair of your favorite lashes for a dynamic look that will be sure to embody the lioness in you! 

Leo season make-up trends
Hollywood make-up artist Lizzy Polanco channels Leo season. @Lizzy_Lawless
Lizzy Polanco

Finance & Cryptocurrency

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WHAT’S IN: As Leo season arrives, so has the season of strength and courage within the crypto community. This month rained upon us some pretty heavy news of major bankruptcies that have rocked the industry. Celsius, Voyager and 3AC have officially collapsed and it’s not the prettiest picture…but within every major technology throughout time, these moments of failure allow for the community to learn and rebuild.

Times like these when everything is on the line truly shows the world who the real heavy hitters will be. Like the lion of Leo season, the crypto companies with true passion and utility will rise above the rest that couldn’t make it through.  This is the time for trial and error, while building out the projects that will lead the rest.

Special Tip:  Statistically, most personal major wealth increases are created out of recessions and down swings in markets. When the world is afraid and selling, you are afforded opportunities to buy incredible deals. This does not mean buy everything with no consideration; however as Baron Rothschild famously said: “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” Channel your Leo lion.

Crypto traders
Cryptocurrency investor Amanda Maxwell at a trading and networking event in Los Angeles, California.
Amanda Maxwell

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor. This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.


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Can’t leave Paris without having escargot on the Champs-Élysées!

Four courses
Chef Jean-Yves details how he develops each of the four courses.

Apryl Joi makes daily visits to the Louvre.

La Dame de Fer Glowing at Night
La Dame de Fer Glowing at Night

WHAT’S IN: If there’s one thing a Leo is sure to do, it is to indulge!  With this deep, fiery and passionate Leo energy, what better place to indulge than Paris? The city of lights and love! Paris is amazing towards the end of July through August. It’s the tail end of tourist season and most locals are away on holiday so you’re essentially avoiding the crowds. Enjoy hand-held strolls through the Louvre, sunset boat rides on the Seine and lunch on The Champs-Élysées with your petit-ami; during Leo season, Paris belongs to the King of the Concrete Jungle. There are obviously countless patisseries around the city of Paris but my favorite has to be Cedric Grolet’s, located inside of Le Meurice Hotel. 

Astrology 101: Your guide to the stars

If you’re impressed by Tik-Tok’s “It’s a Cake” trend, these decadent “Fruit Sculptures” will blow your mind!  It’s all about presentation here as he supersizes seasonal fruit and nuts both in size and intense flavor. Be sure to share the unboxing on your socials! For those Leos who are all about extravagance and exclusivity, Vietnamese-born, French-raised Chef Jean-yves invites you and eleven other guests into his home for a four-course dinner with wine and champagne pairing.  Chef Jean-yves’ carefully curated menu tells a thoughtful tale of his mastery in both Asian flavors and classical French techniques with delicate yet hearty plating.  

Bon Appetit! Nothing speaks to Leo’s Main Character Energy like the Eiffel Tower.  La Dame de Fer (as she’s nicknamed) is the pièce de résistance of any and every Paris trip as her five billion lights give a glittery and grandiose show that magnificently illuminates the night sky.  Roar from the mountaintop (or in this case, highest iron beam) how much you love that special someone…no, not yourself Leo!


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WHAT’S IN: Leo season is officially upon us and summer is in full swing. One hot travel destination that is the true embodiment of the season is Spain. During the day, unleash your inner Royal by spending some time in Madrid visiting the Royal Palace (open to the public year-round) or the Prado Museum, one of the world’s great museums with a collection based on the Spanish Royal collection. At night the passion for life of the Spanish culture is unmatched, which is the perfect time to unleash your Leo fire.

Spend time partying at the many discos in Madrid or take a quick flight to Ibiza and party at some of the top clubs on Earth like Pascha and Amnesia (Steve Aoki DJ’s weekly during the summer). Leo season is the apex of the party in Ibiza and is a perennial destination for many celebs like Shakira, Leo Messi, Justin Bieber and Christiano Ronaldo. This is the ultimate destination to see and be seen.  One of our favorite Leos, JLo, spent time this year filming her upcoming release “The Mother” in Gran Canaria, another perfect Leo beach destination.

Black lava and white sand beaches with incredible weather make this the perfect spot to soak up the sun. With the Euro on par with the dollar for the first time in 20 years, Spain has never been more affordable.  Go big and unleash that lion or lioness inside of you while exploring one of the hottest and hippest destinations in Europe.

social activism
J’Net Nguyen with actress Skai Jackson who graciously volunteered for The Assistance League of LA’s Prom Day, an annual event to distribute supplies and style 200 high school girls (and non-binary) in foster care or living in a homeless shelter.
J’Net Nguyen

Social Impact

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WHAT’S IN: Leo season equates to heightened big-heartedness, consciousness and leadership. For maximum impact, now is the ideal time to volunteer or donate to causes that align with your heart. Generosity is an instant mood booster and with this zodiac ruled by the sun, your efforts will create a ripple effect!–What a time to inspire others to explore their own personal values to give in a way that is true to their purpose. 

A lion’s energy is dynamic and fame-worthy similar to spotlighted nonprofit The Assistance League of Los Angeles, an extraordinary agent of change located in the heart of Hollywood that improves the lives of 22,000 homeless and foster children annually through early learning, theatre, scholarships and essential items. Make your mark and please consider donating here. 


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Do the Right Thing
“Do the Right Thing” is your Leo season film pick!
©Universal/Courtesy Everett Col

WHAT’S IN: Do the Right Thing (1989)

When I think about feeling the summer heat, nothing fits the bill better than Spike Lee’s 1989 landmark classic, “Do the Right Thing.” It’s a well-known movie and one of my personal favorites. It marks a major breakout for one of the great directors of our time. The movie follows several residents of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy as they swelter in both the summer heat and the racial tensions of New York in the late 80’s.

The ensemble cast includes Danny Aiello, John Tuturro and Giancarlo Esposito who would later go on to play Gustavo Fring in “Breaking Bad.” It also introduces Rosie Perez in her first ever role. In a world that feels more divided than ever, it’s important to remember we’re all in this together. It’s a must-see.

Special shout out to Jana Rae for her birthday season! Enjoy the passion of Leo Season! You heard it here first.

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