Lost Ark Best Engravings For Bard Class [July. 2022]

One of the most important parts of your team in Lost Ark is a support class that helps your team passively and supports them in unique ways. One such class is the Bard. However, to use the Bard fully, you will have to know the best engravings for him. So in this guide, we will be enlightening you about the Lost Ark Best Bard Engravings. For a similar guide on the Paladin, read our Best Engravings For Paladin In Lost Ark guide.

Now, Lost Ark is a very unique game that makes use of different islands as its map and scatters the resources among these various islands. Some of these islands are Forpe Island, Heartbeat Island, Shangra Island, Asura Island, and many more.

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Furthermore, Lost Ark has a very diverse roster of characters. However, whichever character you choose, you will have to build him to the fullest to maximize the character in battles. Fortunately, we have covered most of the top characters of the Lost Ark. Some of these character builds are, Destroyer, Shadowhunter, Glaivier, and many more.

The Bard Class In Lost Ark 

The Bard In the Lost Ark

Now, if you want a supporting character in your team, then the Bard is one of the best options. In a team party, the Bard usually takes his place as a support healer who is one of the best support for your main damage dealer. The Bard is also one of the few magic-using classes in Lost Ark.

Also, the Bard uses his harp and magic to bless his teammates with his medicinal healing through his various moves that help you get out of sticky situations. Another part of Bard’s power is that he also applies buffs to his teammates in addition to healing them.

Now, keep in mind that the Bard is a pure support character that does not fight very well; instead, he buffs his main damage-dealing buddies, and they fight on behalf of the Bard. However, if you are desperate, then the Bard might be able to help you on the frontline but for a short period only. For more on the Bard, read our Best Bard Build guide.

What Are Engravings?

Lost Ark’s Game Play

Now in simple terms, Engravings are essentially character buffs that you have first to unlock, and also, you can upgrade to make their effect more significant. These Engravings can be accessed by opening your Roster Menu and looking for the Engraving Effect, where there will be two sections. One section is for the Engravings that are exclusive to your character. In contrast, the other section is for all Engravings that are common for every character or class.

Also, there are three different ways through which you can upgrade your Engravings. And you can upgrade the Engravings up to level 3. However, there are a total of 5 nodes that you will first have to upgrade, after which you gain one level. There are a total of 3 ways through which you can upgrade the Engravings in Lost Ark:

  • Engraving Recipes
  • Ability Stones
  • Equipment Or Jewelry

To fully understand the Engraving system of the Lost Ark, read our Lost Ark Engraving guide.

Best Engravings For The Bard Class In Lost Ark

Some Of The Engravings Mentioned Below

Once a character reaches level 50 in Lost Ark, you can equip Engravings to them. Now, as mentioned before, each character has two exclusive engravings, and in Bard’s case, they are:

  • Desperate Salvation: The engraving activates when the Serenade of Salvation buff is fully depleted, and it also has an additional buff that recovers an additional 24% of the character’s max HP.
  • True Courage: The engraving mainly increases the ending damage of Serenade of Courage by a staggering 20%. However, it also increases its critical rate by 10%.

Now, since the Bard is mostly used as a healer in Lost Ark, we will be focusing on engravings that amplify that effect, and we will keep the healing effects in mind while listing the Best Bard Engravings.

Furthermore, the Bard is a rare type of character that you will purely use for support, so the usual engravings would not be effective for the build. What we recommend is to mainly choose those engraving that focuses on the character’s mana regeneration and also on improving her defenses. Some of the popular Lost Ark Best Bard Engravings picks are as the following:

  • Heavy Armor: The engraving increases the character’s defense by up to 150%. However, the engraving is not worth upgrading as it does not affect massively, so it is a popular but weak choice as it still is not enough.
  • Spirit Absorption: Now, this engraving increases the character’s attack and movement speeds by 15%. Also, it is a very useful engraving as to protect the Bard, you will have to kite the enemy, so the extra speed is very much appreciated.
  • Increased Max MP: The engraving adds an extra man pool of about 30% to the character’s original mana pool. The engraving is essential to make sure that the Bard does not lose her basic skills to the depletion of her mana pool.
  • Awakening: This one reduces the cooldown time on the awakening skill of a character by 50% and adds additional three more uses before activating the initial cooldown.
  • Desperate Salvation: The exclusive engraving of the Bard is a must-have for a support build just because of what it can bring to the table for the team.
  • Expert: The engraving gives a  shield and sealing effect on all Team Party Members of up to 24%. Also, if the target’s HP is below 50%, then you will receive an additional 12% effect on your shield and healing effects.
  • Emergency Rescue: If HP goes lower than 30%, then you will gain a shield equal to 50% of the Max HP of the character for 6s. If the shield is not destroyed after 6s, you will recover 50% of the remaining shield as HP. The engraving also has a cooldown of 180 sec.
  • Heavy Armor: The engraving blesses all defenses with an additional 100% effectiveness. Also, the additional defense is immune to the defense deduction effects.

With it, we bring our guide on the Best Bard Engravings in Lost Ark to an end. In this guide, we discussed the best possible engraving for the pure support character, Bard. If you believe we missed some of the Best Engraving for Bard In Lost Ark, then let us know through the comment section down below.

Lost Ark is a game where your main focus is to make your party or team stronger by any means possible. Now, to make your team stronger, you will have to pick a variety of classes to make your overall team more useful and effective. However, you will also have to focus on each individual class to make their build as strong as possible.